Simple steps to inner peace

Simple steps to inner peace Inner peace is closer than you think, and we have a guide to help you achieve it. 

In many ways, inner peace drives our actions and thoughts. We are naturally inclined to engage in activities that bring pleasure and make us feel better – providing essential stress relief after a hard day at work or simply making us feel calm and relaxed.

Yoga and meditation are among the most effective sources of relaxation and for reaching a sense of inner peace. There are however several more things you can do to help you discover serenity and peace of mind.

Tackle your energy drains before they pile up

Simple tasks such as replacing batteries, changing a bulb, or fixing something that has broken may not seem like a big deal, but cumulatively they can take their toll and make you feel down. Once a week – or once a fortnight – make time to tackle these tasks so they do not pile up and start to annoy you.

Appreciate beauty 

It’s a known fact that we are unconsciously drawn to beautiful things, and the effect these have on our inner peace is remarkable. What many of us do not realise is that beauty can be found everywhere – we just need to take time to appreciate intricate details of the things that surround us (i.e. the architecture of buildings, a budding flower, the colours of leaves on trees).


Your external environment directly reflects your internal state. Visual chaos suggests your mind is running round in circles, and that you find it difficult concentrating. Rather than simply placing all the clutter out of sight – which can be just as distracting as what can be seen – take time to clear out what you don’t need and reorganise what you do. This will provide liberation both mentally and physically.

Show gratitude  

The practice of gratitude helps to shift perspective and can make you feel more optimistic and upbeat. Knowing every experience holds value will help your mind to feel at ease and satisfied. Consider starting a gratitude journal in which you list things you are grateful for daily. This will help you to reflect and will make you feel more mindful.

Go beyond your boundaries

Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone may seem scary, but it can bring growth and satisfaction, and help you realise the beauty of life beyond self-imposed restrictions. This will help you to learn more about yourself as a person and subsequently the way you express yourself.

For more information on various therapies that can bring greater relaxation and promote inner peace, please see our therapy topics page. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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