Recharge your mind, body and spirit

Recharge your mind, body and spiritMove on to the next chapter and discover a whole new you with these six simple steps.

Whether you’re changing jobs, moving on from a relationship or simply embarking on a new healthy diet and fitness regime, a great deal of your success will depend on how well you let go of past problems.

Often, many of us feel bogged down with a lot of ‘stuff’ we’re constantly thinking about, and this may hinder our potential in any future venture. Our confidence, self-esteem, energy and health can start to suffer, and this will significantly prevent us from the future we deserve.

So before you move on and make a change in life – no matter how big or small – it is important to recharge your batteries and press the reset button to ensure you are clear of all left-over baggage.

Take a look at the following six simple steps to recharge your mind, body and spirit:

1. Know your limits

Do not push yourself too hard at this moment in time. Knowing your limits will ensure you don’t take on more than you can handle at this unstable period in your life. Balance any new venture with ‘me-time’, pleasure and socialising. This will prevent you from over-committing and falling into something too quickly.

2. Forgive 

Letting go of any pain, anger or hurt is hugely beneficial for helping you to move on. Forgiveness can help you to let go of grudges and will free you from toxins that are destroying your confidence, greatly affecting your vital energies and possibly even your personal development.

3. Give back 

In between projects you may want to consider volunteering at a local charity, food bank, senior home or community centre. Giving back will not only benefit those that you are helping, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. It is an opportunity to realise your blessings, find appreciation for life and others and re-discover a sense of self-worth.

4. Exercise

We all know exercise is good for our health, but it is particularly crucial for energising your mind, body and spirit. When you feel healthy, it will shine on the outside – your skin will look brighter and you will communicate better with others. Find a physical activity that you can stick to and consider taking part with a friend to add a social element.

5. Re-fuel with fruit and veg

You wouldn’t expect a petrol car to function on diesel, so don’t expect your body to function efficiently when you eat the wrong foods. Junk foods and sugary drinks are best avoided as these can sap your energy and make you feel sluggish. A balanced diet of fruits, veg, protein and carbohydrates can help to keep your body feeling lighter and energised.

6. Develop your spiritual relationship

Take time to invest in yourself before embarking on a new venture. Find your inner calm and reconnect with your spiritual side through meditation, yoga and complementary therapies. Once you feel better within, you will feel more confident and it will be very difficult for things to disrupt your spirit. We recommend massage therapy, Reiki and aromatherapy.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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