How to get over your fear of being alone

How to get over your fear of being aloneDiscover how to learn to love being single and escape your fears of being alone. 

Finding yourself single again after the breakdown of a long-term relationship can be a scary prospect. Many people believe that they are only ‘whole’ and complete when they are in a relationship, and that singledom is merely a time of loneliness and insecurity.

Being single however provides the opportunity to flourish as an individual. You can discover your strengths away from the security of a relationship and learn how to enjoy being your own person.

Sure, most people don’t like to be alone, but there are ways to overcome the fear of being single and make the most of ‘me’ time.

Here are four ways to do so:

Come to terms with the fact that being alone isn’t abnormal or weird

Our culture tells us that all women have a ‘knight in shining armour’, and that our destiny is to fall in love and get married. The reality however is very different. Being single is perfectly normal nowadays and many women are choosing a career and independence over having a family. Do not fear being seen as weird because you are without a partner.

Ensure your alone time is fun and meaningful

Rather than dwelling on a failed relationship or the fact you are now alone, try to get out and find ways to have fun. Rally together your friends for a few drinks, or plan a trip away to escape old memories for a while. You may even want to consider booking a spa day or a complementary therapy session such as massage therapy for a bit of pampering and the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self. 

Realise that being alone is better than being in a bad relationship

If you have escaped a troubled relationship you should be proud to be single, and surely it’s better to be single and happy rather than married and unhappy? Being single gives you the opportunity to find someone who makes you happy, so make the most of this time to figure out what you really want from your next relationship.

Happiness is a decision

Ultimately, you need to stop believing that being in a relationship is the key to happiness. Being single and alone is only a problem if you perceive it as a problem. If you focus on the advantages of being single rather than the negatives, you will begin to feel more confident about finding ways to be happy regardless of your relationship status. Fall in love with yourself again. Remember, you – and you alone – are responsible for your happiness and your life.

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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