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Glasgow homeopathic hospital could become dedicated pain centre

Glasgow homeopathic hospital could be made into dedicated pain centreAccording to the BBC, Scotland’s only homeopathic hospital may be turning into a centre for chronic pain.

The fate of the Glaswegian hospital has been in doubt due to the controversial nature of homeopathic medication. In recent weeks however, Health Secretary Alex Neil has hinted that a brand new centre for chronic pain treatment could be located there.

He has also commented that he is “determined” to keep the hospital open.

These remarks come as a stark contradiction to official statements made about the hospital 10 years ago when the local health board was proposing its closure.

A public consultation last year revealed that the Scottish public wanted a Centre of Excellence in the treatment of chronic pain in one single location – and rumours are that it is to be located at the homeopathic hospital.

Homeopathy involves treating patients with highly diluted substances. The aim is to trigger the body’s healing mechanism to take care of the issue without the use of medication. The number of homeopathic hospitals in the UK has decreased vastly over the years and today there are just four homeopathic hospitals including the one in Glasgow.

Catherine Hughes went to the hospital 20 years ago as a ‘last resort’ when she developed allergic reactions to her drugs for a chronic illness. Catherine says she wishes she had gone sooner,

“The unit in many ways has been misrepresented as just being a homeopathic service when it offers the best of both worlds, both conventional and complementary under one roof, with a full multidisciplinary staff,” she said.

Doctors at the hospital say they have always focused on holistic care, rather than just homeopathy and already treat a number of people with chronic pain. Catherine says she welcomes the idea of the homeopathic hospital becoming a centre for chronic pain patients too, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the existing services.

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View and comment on the original BBC News article.

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Written by Katherine

Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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