Best-selling author explains how alternative medicine changed her life

Best-selling author explains how alternative medicine changed her lifeFrom homeopathy to acupuncture – keep reading to find out why conventional medicine isn’t the be-all and end-all for Lucinda Riley.

Up until the age of 18, Lucinda Riley avoided any health issues and was an incredibly fit trained dancer. When she turned 18 however, her body buckled under the pressure and she came down with glandular fever.

Ever since this bout of illness, Lucinda has failed to feel 100%. She was diagnosed as carrying the Epstein-Barr virus which causes her glandular fever symptoms to flare up whenever she gets run-down or stressed.

Falling ill once again at the age of 23, Lucinda uncovered her talent as a writer. While she experienced professional success from the confinements of her bed, she grew determined to overcome her illness and enjoy her success. She started to look into alternative medicine and met a homeopath in Ireland who treated her and her two-year-old daughter.

“Homeopathy completely fixed it, and to this day I treat all my family homeopathically if I can. Obviously if a chest cold goes on and on, I’ll resort to conventional medicine, but I always treat anything naturally first, to see if it works.”

Lucinda says her biggest revelation was the day she discovered acupuncture. At the time she had been told she had a cyst on her ovaries, but after a course of five-element acupuncture not only did the cyst disappear, but Lucinda found herself pregnant again.

Lucinda now visits Rita, her acupuncturist, at least six times a year. She uses this therapy preventively rather than waiting for a problem to occur. Over the years other therapies have helped Lucinda, including osteopathy and natural remedies like echinacea.

“People are trained to take pills without asking questions. I totally respect conventional medicine – if I have a headache, of course I’ll take a paracetamol – and Rita will always tell someone straight whether she can help them or whether they need to see a GP. But I don’t see why you can’t explore the alternatives and use both.”

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Written by Katherine

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Written by Katherine

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