Scoliosis sufferer attributes recovery to yoga

Scoliosis sufferer attributes recovery to yogaRebecca Berry regains her confidence after four weeks of yoga-like exercises.

When she was a child, Rebecca Berry (now 29) planned to travel the world and scuba dive her way through all the oceans. In her late teens however she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine.

The condition causes pain and disfigurement of the back, which shattered Rebecca’s confidence. To hide her curved spine Rebecca would wear clothes that were four sizes too big and refused to be seen in swimwear.

After a decade of feeling embarrassed and determined to live her dream of scuba diving, she decided to take action. Her doctors offered her surgery, however this would leave her unable to walk for the best part of six months.

Turning down the option of surgery, Rebecca searched for help online and found the Scoliosis SOS clinic who advised a four-week exercise programme.

The exercises in the programme were similar to yoga and helped develop core strength, flexibility and improved spinal alignment. After the four weeks were over Rebecca found herself with a straighter spine, reduced pain levels and an improved sense of self-confidence.

Since completing her treatment Rebecca has been especially excited to buy new clothes that fit and to finally follow her dream of travelling the world.

“I feel like a new person now, my back is straighter and I feel like I look normal again. I have my confidence back and I am ready to travel the world. I am also looking forward to buying a whole new wardrobe full of clothes that actually fit me and don’t look like a tent.”

Yoga therapy takes traditional yoga poses and adjusts them to the needs of the patient, helping to improve muscle function and flexibility. The meditative side of the therapy is also helpful in reducing stress levels and helping patients sleep. To find out more about yoga as a therapy – please see our fact-sheet and search for a therapist near you.

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Written by Katherine

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Written by Katherine

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