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Women’s fashion and other surprising causes of back pain

Millions of people in the UK suffer from back pain. It can be a sharp twinge, a dull ache, or it can be so severe it keeps you in agony for months and even years.

Try to wear comfortable shoes.
Try to wear comfortable shoes.

There are a number of daily activities that cause back pain over time. You don’t necessarily have to be lifting something heavy or twisting the wrong way – it could be something as seemingly insignificant as hunching over your computer every night, or slumping on the sofa.

Here are some of the most common causes of back pain and how to avoid them.

Cause: Exercise

Remedy: Warm up and get advice

Gyms can foster a competitive atmosphere, causing people to push themselves beyond what is comfortable and safe. While exercising is in itself a back pain preventative, when done wrong it can cause serious problems, the most common of which being a slipped disc.

Slipped discs can lead to sciatica, which is when the sciatic nerve gets caught – often causing extreme pain from the hip to the toes that can become chronic and debilitating.

Remember to always warm up before you lift weights and ask a professional to teach you the correct posture for each move so you don’t injure yourself.

Cause: Smart-phones and tablets

Remedy: Better posture

As great as smart-phones and tablets are, they do have a dark side. Besides distracting us from important things, they can also contribute to back pain. Studies have found that frequent usage can lead to an increase in medical problems and is the main cause of what’s been dubbed ‘text neck’.

Text neck is when the patient has spent so long leaning over his or her device that it puts strain on the neck and shoulders, creating muscle tension which can lead to spinal injuries.

The trick is to keep all devices at eye level so you don’t have to bow your head.

Cause: Women’s fashion

Remedy: Bring spare shoes

Women who wear high heels are risking back pain. The footwear, although glamorous, can shift the posture and put more pressure on the spine. You are advised to always carry a pair of flat pumps with you when you go out, or choose lower heels with a sturdier design that supports your foot.

The Alexander Technique can be taught to help patients adopt a more comfortable posture throughout their daily lives. Good posture can help prevent a number of muscle, bone and joint problems, and help relieve pain.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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