Health benefits of massage

Health benefits of massageMost people view massage as a luxury treatment – but did you know it is actually beneficial to our health?

Massage has been around for centuries. Historians have discovered hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt portraying massage from 2500 BC and a Chinese medicine book dating back to the first century BCE mentions massaging the flesh. So what did these ancient people know about the practice? Not only does it feel great, but it is good for your health too.

Massage and lymph

Studies have shown that massage reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure and moves lymph around your body. Well, that’s great – but what on earth is lymph?

Lymph is essentially the cleansing system of the body. It runs through our body to carry away the bad stuff and strengthen our immune system. Unlike our blood, lymph doesn’t have a pump to move it around the body and therefore relies on muscle movement to get around.

Massage is one way we can help lymph do its business. By physically manipulating our skin and muscles the lymph is moved around the body, cleaning up our system as a result.

Massage and circulation

Not only is massage ideal for moving lymph around, it is also great for getting the blood pumping and improving circulation. Moving oxygenated blood and other fluids around can help to heal the body and reduce swelling. This makes massage a great option for elderly people and pregnant women who commonly suffer from swelling and poor circulation.

Massage and muscle pain

Certain lifestyle choices can mean our muscles become tight and painfully knotted at times. Whether it’s because of a hard workout or years of office work and neck strain, massage can help to release tension, flush out toxins and reduce lactic acid build-up.

If you want to find out more about massage as a form of therapy, please see our Massage page.

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Written by Katherine

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Written by Katherine

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