Five health benefits of yoga

Five health benefits of yogaThere have been many studies into the health benefits of yoga, and the results appear to be very clear: yoga can reduce stress, improve fitness levels and even help you sleep better. Read on to find out what makes yoga so good for us…

Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility and tone up, or you’re simply keen to start a hobby where you can relax and de-stress, yoga might just be the perfect exercise for you.

With so many different classes available these days you can pick and choose a style to suit you and it is up to you how ‘into’ the spiritual side you want to be.

Health benefits of yoga:

1. Reduces stress

There have been many studies researching the effect yoga has on stress levels. According to a recent study, a group of middle aged women showed significantly lower stress levels after completing just one 90-minute Hatha yoga session. Another study found reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression in a group of students after they participated in a yoga class.

2. Increases flexibility

Many people forget to include stretching in their fitness regime even though flexibility is key to a healthy body. Yoga helps to increase flexibility by stretching out muscles and encouraging people to push outside of their comfort zone.

3. Strengthens your core

Many of the poses in yoga require the use of our core muscles. Strengthening the core helps the spine to be held up by our abdominal muscles and not our neck and shoulders. When the upper back is stressed it can lead to tension and poor breathing which ultimately taxes the nervous system.

4. Improves sleep

Research has proven that the calming effect of yoga is an effective treatment for insomnia. With some poses designed to relax you before bed, yoga is a safe and side effect free treatment.

5. Improves your breathing

Because yoga focuses on the marriage of movement and breath, naturally your breathing will improve. By increasing your awareness and encouraging deep breathing, yoga can increase your lung capacity and even help with some forms of asthma.

If you want to find out more about yoga as a form of therapy, please see our Yoga Therapy page.

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Written by Katherine

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Written by Katherine

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