Overcoming hay fever naturally

Overcoming hay fever naturallySpring is a favourite time of year for many, but for hay fever sufferers it can be a nightmare in disguise. 

Parts of the UK have been lucky weather-wise in the last couple of weeks with temperatures reaching 20°C and sunny in some parts. While this makes a welcome change from the long, cold winter we’ve been having, warm sunny weather tends to bring with it an increased pollen count. For sufferers of hay fever this means only one thing – streaming eyes, a blocked nose and constant sneezing fits.

The following tips could help to reduce symptoms naturally and may reduce your need for over-the-counter antihistamines.

1. Keep physically fit – getting regular cardiovascular exercise will help to strengthen your cardiovascular system, which is responsible for eliminating waste from the body (such as allergens).

2. Eat a healthy diet – eating a varied diet will help your body fight allergens, which will in turn reduce the strength of your symptoms. Foods full of saturated fats, preservatives and sugar are all inflammatory and can exacerbate symptoms. Try eating more lean protein, fresh fruit and veg and whole grains.

3. Keep hydrated – drinking plenty of water will help your body flush any toxins from your system as quickly as possible and will keep you feeling energised.

4. Try a shot of wheatgrass – this juice will help to boost your immune system and help to keep your system toxin free.

5. Boost your vitamin intake – this natural way of treating hay fever has proven effective for many people. Try to increase your vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B levels with a supplement to help reduce symptoms.

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Written by Katherine

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Written by Katherine

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