Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture for fertilityMany people are now exploring acupuncture as an option when trying for a baby to help boost fertility and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Acupuncture in an ancient practise used within traditional Chinese medicine that is becoming more and more widely used. The purpose of acupuncture is to keep your energy (or Qi) flowing evenly throughout the body by inserting thin, sterile needles into certain points of the body.

Using acupuncture to help with fertility is becoming increasingly frequent, and many women undertaking IVF are combining it with acupuncture for optimal results.

To understand acupuncture, you need to think of your body as a river system. These rivers of energy/qi are called meridians and help energy flow evenly and freely throughout your body. When certain parts of your meridian channels become blocked, your qi cannot flow and this can manifest as stress, lethargy, headaches and infertility. Acupuncture aims to unblock the energy with the use of small needles, which work like paddles – helping to get the energy flowing again.

So how can acupuncture help with fertility? Before you begin acupuncture it is recommended that you seek medical advice to rule out any serious causes for your fertility issues. The first step is to regulate your cycle; your acupuncturist may ask you to keep a basal body temperature chart to help them understand your cycle more.

The aim of Chinese medicine is to create a balance between two forms of energy within our bodies – Yin and Yang. Both of these energies are at work during your menstrual cycle; Yin is a nurturing, passive energy that helps to prepare your womb for an egg while the Yang is more energetic and is associated with the growth of the embryo.

During each cycle you should be having four appointments, which will encourage the development of both Yin and Yang at different points. You should try to ensure your appointments are scheduled according to your individual cycle for the best results.

Medical professionals are yet to discover how or why acupuncture works for fertility, but it has a great track record with many people succeeding using acupuncture when nothing else worked.

If you want to find out more about acupuncture and find an acupuncturist near you, please visit our Acupuncture page.

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Written by Katherine

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