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Combat death-trap desk posture with Hellerwork therapy

Combat impact of bad posture with Hellerwork Hellerwork is a deep-tissue therapy designed to combat tension and reduce pain in people who spend a lot of time sitting.

We all know desk lifestyles are bad for us. In fact, scientists claim that if you spend more than three hours a day sitting down, you could be knocking two years off your lifetime. But what are you supposed to do about that if it’s your job to sit down all day?

Dubbed the ‘e-posture’, many desk workers find themselves slipping into a slumped posture as they type away, with shoulders sloped, head jutting forwards and belly pooching.

Hellerwork, a therapy developed in the 70s by a man named Joseph Heller, uses deep tissue massage to realign the body and reduce problems caused by bad posture.

Telegraph reporter Anna Murphy tried the therapy for herself and was horrified to see how bad her posture had become without even realising. After 60 minutes of slow, intense muscle manipulation, she reported a transformed posture: “I sat in exactly the same way, or at least my brain said I did, but I looked entirely different. My posture was transformed. Stranger still, I found I could breathe far more deeply than before, my ribs broadening out more, my lungs filling up more deeply.”

Hellerwork therapist Roger Golten says when we sit for long periods of time, gravity takes over and we stop supporting ourselves. He thinks people need to take more notice of what their bodies are trying to tell them. When you feel aches and pains, it’s usually a sign that you should be doing things differently.

Golten has observed changes in his client base over the years. While once men’s bodies tended to be harder than women’s, now they both tend to have the same soft consistency. He has also noticed an influx of younger clients who he describes as ‘living in their own heads’, taking on greater stresses and putting undue stress on their bodies.

Hellerwork is a form of deep tissue massage which is thought to have a profound structural impact. Clients are encouraged to have 10 hour long sessions at £100 per session. Golten usually works with people in high-powered careers who experience a lot of stress in their daily lives.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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