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A Therapy Directory survey reveals the growing importance of complementary therapies in healthcare

Importance of complementary therapies in healthcareA recent survey carried out on the Therapy Directory website suggests that people in the UK are placing a higher importance on complementary therapies to maintain their general health.

Since the late twentieth century, alternative and complementary therapies have been becoming more popular, gaining more coverage and carrying more weight within conventional healthcare. Whether used as a substitute or alongside conventional medicine, it seems there is now a place for complementary therapies in many people’s lives.

In modern society it’s generally accepted that if we have an ailment, the rightful passage would be to book an appointment with a doctor or take some medication to alleviate the symptoms. This scenery has been changing in recent years however, with people becoming more aware of therapies that treat the person as a whole and explore the root of the problem. Evidence of this is even visible within the NHS, with hospitals and surgeries beginning to offer these types of sessions. 

Pie chart on the importance of complementary therapiesThe results from our survey on the importance of complementary therapies revealed that 38% of people consider them to be important for maintaing their health, while 25% consider them to be very important. This high proportion of people reflects the changing attitude towards alternative healthcare.

Of the respondents who place a high importance on complementary therapies, many of them believe that a holistic approach of treating the person as a whole is more effective than treating the symptoms of an illness with drugs. For example, if you were experiencing back pain you could either be prescribed some painkillers to alleviate the discomfort or you could seek out a chiropractor or a physiotherapist.

Despite the recent increase in funding within the NHS, this area of healthcare is still somewhat underdeveloped.  The availability of medication to continue with our everyday lives, means that unfortunately for some people this is a much simpler way of controlling their health. It would appear there is a trade-off between how important you believe complementary therapies to be and the amount of time you consider apt for maintaining your health. Fortunately, Therapy Directory makes it simple, easy and effective to find a suitable alternative therapist.

What do you think about society’s view on complementary therapies?

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Written by Ross

Written by Ross

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