Could a T-shirt prevent back pain?

Can a T-shirt prevent bakc pain?There is no doubt the British ‘desk lifestyle’ is having an impact on back health.

Many of us now spend eight hours at work hunched over our desktops, only to go home and slouch in front of the TV, or surf the Internet motionlessly until bed time.

Spending too long sitting down can weaken the abdominal muscles and lead to an overstretching of tendons, muscles, ligaments and discs in the back, all of which can lead to extremely painful injuries.

Now one manufacturer, backed by chartered physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke, has developed a T-shirt designed to counteract the side-effects of sitting down.

Ms Pitt-Brooke, 52 from Loughborough, said: “I’m always quite sceptical about ‘miracle cures’ but I did find the T-shirt made a noticeable difference both to myself and clients who trialled it.”

The garment works like a back brace, preventing the shoulders from sloping forwards and keeping the spine straight. This is thought to keep pressure off muscles in the neck and shoulders which, when tense, can cause upper back pain. In the middle of the T-shirt there is a panel which supports the core muscles and creates a slimmer silhouette.

The T-shirt took two years to develop after Ms Pitt-Brooke, who was asked to trial the original product sourced from abroad, kept finding problems with the design. Using her knowledge of the human anatomy, the team set to work adding tension tabs and diagonal pulls to support the back while encouraging the muscles to work harder.

Volunteers were asked to trial the product and gave an average four out of five for likelihood of using again.

It is important to keep a strong core to prevent back pain. One of the best therapies for preventing back pain is Yoga, which focuses on strengthening core muscles. To find out more, please follow the link.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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