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93-year-old body builder proves it’s never too late to start exercising

93 year old body builderJust six years ago at the sprightly age of 87, former dentist Dr Charles Eugster decided to take up body building.

After noticing he’d become a little overweight, self-proclaimed ‘vain’ Dr Eugster decided to seek help from a former Mr Universe winner, who set about training the pensioner into shape.

Dr Eugster now trains three to four times a week for around two hours at a time. He alternates between muscle building with weights and rowing on a lake.

Looking impressively built and muscular in his lycra T-shirt, it’s clear that the hard work has paid off. The 93-year-old has won numerous world titles for fitness and rowing and can do 57 dips, 61 chin-ups, 50 push-ups and 48 abdominal crunches – each set in under 45 seconds.

Dr Eugster is now proud of his astoundingly fit body and says: “The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach.”

Professor Steve Iliffe, professor of primary care for older people at University College London has warned that although an exercise regime can be started at any age, most older people will not be able to start a regime as strenuous as Dr Eugster’s.

In fact, most people would agree starting a regime as strenuous as Dr Eugster’s would be an immense challenge at any age.

However, Prof. Iliffe says older people should try to remain as active as possible, even after 80 years of manual labour. Even light activity, such as strolling to the shops, going to the pub or taking the dog for a walk can all help keep the body healthy.

Regular therapy sessions can also help the ageing body stay in good order. For more information, please visit our Therapy Topics section.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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