New book says key to health is spirituality

Key to health is spiritualityIn her new book entitled ‘Little Book of Wellbeing’, author Nikki Page draws from her own experiences to provide a simple recipe for health and happiness in life.

Spirituality, she claims, is the key to good health. Not necessarily in a religious sense; ‘spirituality’ may spark images of New Age hippies dancing around a campfire, but Page uses it to describe a state of mind; a way of living a peaceful life with a calm, positive outlook.

Page claims that stress, frustration and inner anger lie at the route of illness – something that can be defeated by learning to be calm.

She believes calmness can be achieved by:

a) accepting change

b) smiling

c) breathing.

Accepting change

“Expectation is usually the key to disappointment,” Page writes. When things don’t pan out the way we imagined, or the way we wanted, it’s easy to feel let down, hopeless, frustrated and sad. You think about what you could be doing now, had it gone the way it was ‘supposed to’. Would you be happier? Wealthier? Healthier? Regret is an unhealthy and unproductive state of mind. It cannot help your present and it certainly will not help your future.

Instead, think about the opportunities you may have unwittingly opened up for yourself by travelling down a different path. Your life may be heading in a different direction to the one you expected, but if you embrace it, you may find you prefer this new outcome. After all, you never know what new places, ideas and wisdom you will encounter along the way.

Things don’t always ‘happen for a reason’, but everything has a cause – and by keeping your mind open and your actions positive, you set yourself up for a good outcome.


Page writes: “It may feel strange, but smiling in the mirror will – well, bring a smile to your face.” True, often how we act can affect how we feel. If you spend the day sulking in the corner and glaring at strangers, the cloud above your head is unlikely to shift. If you smile at people and keep a friendly, light attitude, your feelings of unhappiness will begin to fade. Although the sadness may remain inside for a while, your positive interaction with the outside world will eventually find its way in and you will begin to see the source of your unhappiness in a slightly different light.


Page outlines a simple breathing exercise designed to keep stress levels low. Try this:

1. Place the first and second fingers of your right hand on your forehead and your third finder and thumb on your left and right nostrils (don’t pinch).

2. Exhale to the count of five.

3. Press with your thumb to close the right nostril and inhale deeply through the left to the count of five.

4. Close both nostrils and hold your breath for five seconds.

5. Release your right nostril and exhale for five.

6. Release both nostrils but hold your breath for another five seconds.

7. Repeat this exercise four times and as you exhale, let go of the thoughts that make you anxious. When you inhale, breathe in what you most desire (love, health etc.) and hold these in you mind when you hold your breath.

Let us know if this technique works for you by leaving your comments in the box below.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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