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Just breathe – the simple solution to stress

Just breathe – the simple solution to stressIn times of intense stress there is always one person to say ‘just breathe’ – a phrase that for a very stressed person is likely to trigger irritation and loathing of the person who said it. Surely it is just another piece of throwaway advice, akin to ‘calm down’, ‘chill out’, ‘don’t let it get to you’ and so on and so forth…or is it?

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it, your calm and collected ‘just breathe’ friend may in fact be right.

Transformational breathing is a new technique that is being used by many individuals as a stress management technique.

The great thing about breathing is that we already know how to do it. The bad news is that we take it for granted and we probably don’t do it as well as we should!

Experts have said that we only use around 25 per cent of our lung capacity, leaving us vulnerable to stress, lethargy, a weakened immune system and reduced energy levels.

Apparently, a possible answer to all of the above is simply to fill your lungs to the max.

According to Alan Dolan, the UK’s leading practitioner and teacher of transformational breathing “It’s like going from black-and-white to full-colour, high-definition TV.”

“We hear so much about people feeling tired all the time, but although we are told what to eat and how to exercise to have more energy, most people do not realise that 75 per cent of our energy comes from the breath.”

Alan himself is no stranger to the stresses and strains caused by daily life. He used to work in a high-powered PR job role in the aerospace industry until he visited Dr Judith Kravitz, an advocate of the technique.

The technique aims to deliver a staggering 70-80 per cent more oxygen to the body in a bid to improve mental clarity, energy levels and relaxation.

Transformational breathing is reportedly easy to master with expert help, with a one hour-long session recommended with a teacher before you can begin practicing at home whenever you need an energy boost or some stress relief.

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Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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