Feeling anxious? Try these natural techniques

feeling anxious?Feeling on edge? Like you can’t sit still? Like something terrible is going to happen? Modern life offers plenty for us to feel anxious about, from job cuts and recession, to soaring divorce rates and a childhood obesity pandemic.

Whatever it is making you feel anxious – whether its a looming work presentation, an impossible decision, or a growing list of chores you haven’t done yet, now is the time to take some time out and relax.

Forget the Valium – tranquilizer drugs won’t help in the long run. The healthiest, safest, most effective anxiety-reducing methods available require the full attention of your mind and body.


Yoga is really something of a miracle therapy. Thousands of years in the making, this ancient practise is slow, low-impact and incredibly effective for reducing stress levels. All you have to do is either:

  • find a yoga video on the Internet and copy the moves in your own home
  • contact a yoga therapist and learn the true art of yoga safely and effectively.

Yoga will make you more flexible, more toned, fitter and healthier as well as reducing your feelings of anxiety. You can practise yoga at anytime, from anywhere.


Who doesn’t love a massage? Not only is massage great for stimulating the receptors in the skin and boosting circulation, it also works wonders for the mind. Often the rhythmic movements and specially applied pressures can lure clients into a state of deep bliss, allowing them to forget all of their worries and reawaken feeling fresh and reenergised.

Find a massage therapist now.


The use of certain essential oils and natural extracts has been scientifically proven to aide relaxation. Find out more about how aromatherapy works and what to expect in a session by clicking the aromatherapy link above.

Alternatively, search for an aromatherapy practitioner here.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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