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NHS in Wales under so much pressure that record numbers of staff are off sick with stress

welsh nhs staff stressedA number of Welsh hospitals have reported a 34 to 40 per cent increase in NHS staff taking time off to recover from stress-related conditions.

A Welsh government spokesman has recently announced plans to launch health programmes designed to reduce stress in the hospital work place.

Conservative shadow minister Darren Millar has blamed recent health budget cuts for the increasing pressures on NHS staff to do more work for less money.

Over the next year, the government will cut £80 million from the Welsh health budget. The effects will be vast and put extra strain on already burdened health professionals.

“Stress in any workplace is unhealthy and harmful. I would expect the health minister to speak to health boards that have seen a rise in this problem and learn lessons from those that have not,” Mr Miller commented.

The medical profession is, by nature, particularly stressful. Professionals deal with difficult life-threatening decisions every day. The need for a healthy work environment is therefore of paramount importance, as many experts agree.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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