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Feeling stressed? Can’t afford a massage? Try an ‘air bath’ instead

airbathIn light of recent calls from Australian health professionals for Universities to stop teaching alternative therapy courses, the Telegraph has published an article distinguishing the ‘real remedies’ from the old wives’ tales.

On the face of it, an ‘air bath’ sounds rather absurd. It is considered a healing technique by naturopathy experts and involves, quite simply, going outside naked.

Naturopathy rests on the philosophy that ‘nature cures’, and that fresh air is a powerful healing source for both the body and the mind.

An air bath is believed to open up skin pores, glans and blood vessels and improve oxidation and blood circulation.

The Telegraph’s take is that the therapy should be taken alongside traditional medical treatment, but that it can offer physical benefits.

The best time for an air bath, for the brave among you, is early in the morning or just before bed.

Even if you have no interest in the thinking behind naturotherapy, it’s simple common sense to know that the air inside can become stuffy and stagnant, prohibiting the flow of oxygen to the brain and making you feel slow and lethargic. Going outside can replenish the oxygen supply and get your senses tingling.

In America there is a group called Organic Athlete. This is a club founded by athletes who are dedicated to mixing healthy living with ecological responsibility. They believe that by exercising outside, they are building a greater awareness of the natural world and therefore more likely to have a positive influence on the world.

Exercising outdoors with a specially organised group can also help to raise community spirit and help rejuvenate the local area – but you don’t necessarily have to be naked.

To find out more about naturotherapy and the conditions it may be able to help with, view our Naturotherapy page.

View and comment on the original Telegraph article. 

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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