Chinese medicine increases chances of conception for childless couples

According to recent research, couples who are experiencing fertility problems may be more likely to conceive with a helping hand from traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Despite much recent controversy as to the efficacy of Chinese Herbal Medicine, a meta analysis has revealed that Chinese medicine can improve pregnancy rates two fold in a period of just four months.

The study was conducted at Adelaide University in Australia and involved reviewing eight clinical studies and 13 additional reports in order to compare the effects of Chinese medicine in comparison to western drugs and IVF treatment.

The review of the clinical trials and studies revealed a 3.5% rise in pregnancies during a four-month period among women who were using Chinese medicine, compared to those using western alternatives.

Authors of the study have said that the reason as to why Chinese medicine may be more effective could be related to the fact that practitioners carefully analyse the menstrual patterns of women so that they can estimate the best possible time for conception.

‘Assessment of the quality of the menstrual cycle integral to TCM diagnosis appears to be fundamental to the successful treatment of female infertility.’ Said study authors.

Despite the positive findings, the authors of the study have warned that Chinese medicines can be potent so anyone thinking of using them should proceed with caution.

For further information about Traditional Chinese Medicine, please visit our fact-sheet to find out more.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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