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New figures show young Brits are biggest slackers

It has emerged that young Brits are far more likely to pull sickies at work than those aged 55 and over. Absenteeism is estimated to cost the UK a staggering £32 billion per year.

According to a recent study exploring absenteeism in British workers, the majority of young people asked believe that stress and fatigue are legitimate reasons for taking time off work.

In contrast, older people regard this to be an unacceptable excuse, with 85% stating that they would only miss work if they were genuinely bed-ridden.

Peter Morton, the marketing manager of the company that commissioned the research, said: “today’s fast paced, work-hard play-hard lifestyle appears to be taking its toll on the younger generation.”

Some may say there’s more play-hard than work-hard with 1 out of 5 18-25 years olds admitting to missing work because of a hangover.

Experts believe the high rates of illness may be down to an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle. Males and females aged below 30 are more likely to eat take-away regularly and 50% less likely to eat the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Older workers are more positive about their wellbeing, with 50% of those asked believing to be in better health than their parents. 63% of younger people believed their parents were probably healthier than them.

Other results from the study revealed that people working in call centres were the most likely to take time off work, whereas pilots, train drivers and air traffic controllers were the least likely to pull a sickie.

To add salt to the wound, the study suggests that Brits take twice as many sick days as their American counterparts.

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Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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