Behavioural Acupuncture

Could acupuncture be used to curb severe behavioural issues where other therapies have failed?

ITVs Daybreak recently visited Hull, the home of 14 year old Sonny Granger who at the age of 12 was one of the youngest children to ever receive an ASBO.

Sonny, who did not feature in the interview because of his unpredictable behaviour has now been expelled from three schools for smashing windows and has even attacked his neighbours.

In a bid to try and calm his out of control behaviour the justice service in Hull are funding acupuncture sessions, an age old therapy which is used to treat a variety of ailments and issues.

Daybreak spoke to Sonny’s mother Nadine West, who said that even though her son has only been to a couple of sessions, he appeared notably more relaxed and calm after his first one and it also gave him something interesting to talk about.

When asked about whether she felt it was fair her son’s treatment is being funded by taxpayers, Nadine said that as a taxpayer herself she was hopeful it could save on future costs on things such as court appearances.

Hull City Council were unable to comment on Sonny’s specific case but did say that they take all in house services into account when assesing each individual.

Daybreaks Health Editor, Dr Hilary Jones, said that although there are currently no clinical trials to support acupuncture when used for behavioural issues, it is an inexpensive and safe treatment which is worth trying.

For information about acupuncture please visit our fact-sheet.

View the original ITV report.

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Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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