Migraine relief – is it in the mind?

Helen Carroll had been suffering from chronic migraines ever since she could remember, with beta-blockers, antidepressants and steroid injections not making the blindest bit of difference. However, Helen then discovered a form of psychotherapy which promised to banish her troubles using nothing but her own mind…and she hasn’t looked back since.

The system in question is known as Resolution Magic, and involves a series of mental exercises which are aimed at retraining the way in which the mind and body react to electrical waves inside you in a bid to reduce any physical symptoms.

Though skeptical at first Helen decided to reserve judgement until she had her first session with the psychotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner Olivia Roberts.

The first thing Olivia did was to discuss with Helen any problems or warning signs she had which could have contributed to the condition. This could be anything from something quite small and trivial through to something more blatant and serious. This way any past experiences which may have contributed to the condition can be uncovered.

In Helens case, seeing her young sister being knocked down and then dying on the way home from school played far more of a role in her pain than she had ever considered before.

Olivia works with patients to release this pain so that an individuals perception of it can then be altered. This is achieved through the use of various techniques as well as regularly listening to a CD containing a series of mental exercises.

Olivia helped Helen to create an image in her head of what she considered to be her ‘perfect place’ in which she felt content both physically and mentally. When Helen was in this perfect place she could then concentrate on the mental exercises which she was required to continue doing every couple of hours during a migraine, hopefully leading to a new pain free series of events.

Helen was advised to be vigilant to the first signs of a migraine so that she could act immediately at the first sign of pain. Whenever Helen felt the first twinge of pain she now had to say aloud, or in her head, “Go away!” signalling to the automatic part of the brain to change its course of action.

Within one month Helen was only experiencing migraine symptoms every couple of weeks, after which the gaps between them grew from one month to three months to six months. Helen has now been migraine free for over two years.

Olivia Roberts has now written a book about Resolution Magic which is set to be published later on this year.

”Symptoms such as depression, migraine, ME, irritable bowel syndrome and backache are all caused by the same thing – our own manufactured electrical waves. Neurological wave syndrome is at the root of so many conditions.” She said.

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Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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