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Man-bags – the latest stylish but painful accessory

Over-the-shoulder messenger bags might be great for carrying laptops, phones, gym kits and the kitchen sink, but when carried on the shoulder for a prolonged period of time chiropractors warn that it can be bad for backs.

The average man-bag ways a whopping 13.67Ibs, which is the equivalent of carrying around more than half a dozen bags of sugar.

Spokesman for the British Chiropractic Association, Tim Hutchful, has said that man-bags could cause back and shoulder pain from prolonged stress, which could eventually impact posture.

‘We need to become more savvy in how we use them, whilst learning to read our bodies and know when we’re placing too much pressure on certain points.’ He said.

Experts from the British Chiropractic Association have recommended alternating which shoulder the bags are carried on to relieve pressure as well as keeping the strap short and not carrying for long periods of time.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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