Misconceptions about exercise

As the media constantly thrusts into our faces the fact we all need to start leading more healthy lifestyles in order to avoid an obesity epidemic, it is easy to understand why many people can get confused by all of the conflicting information and advice on how to do so.

Below are a few common misconceptions about exercise:

The longer the better – Though dedicating a set amount of time to fitness is great, always remember the age old saying of quality is far better than quantity. If you think about your trips to the gym you will probably find that some of the time we are chatting with friends, gossiping at the water cooler and standing around waiting for the treadmill to become free. Were not saying don’t talk to anyone whilst you’re there but when you are exercising try to plan your workout in advance and don’t leave until its complete as this will work better than allocating yourself a time frame.

I can eat anything if I exercise after – This is twisted logic that tends to lead to weight gain! Though exercise is a great way to offset the rare splurge, it should not be used to try and counter balance regular overindulgence’s.

Heavier weights are better than light weights- Though heavy weights are great for anyone wanting to gain muscle and strength, using lighter weights but doing more reps can be just as effective as you will be able to work the muscle for longer.

Building a routine is the best way to keep fit – Though there is a lot to be said for building up a good fitness routine it is important to eventually change things in order to avoid both mental and physical boredom. Having several routines and regularly changing them is a great way to stay out of a workout rut.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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