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American fitnesses crazes are headed for the UK

If you are planning on stepping up your fitness routine in the New Year but are bored of hitting the gym then why not consider one of the many American fitness craze’s which are headed for the UK? Here is a quick round up of ones to look out for:


Zumba is already available in various Gyms throughout the UK and is a culmination of salsa, merengue, samba and calypso dance steps. This 60 minute dance workout is usually done to Latin music and aims to tone the body whilst burning between 500-900 calories an hour.

Zumba is available in most Virgin Active gyms.


Developed in 2003 by Patricia Morenohe, IntenSati (which stands for intention mindfulness) involves shouting positive affirmations in unison during an hour long challenging workout.

You can expect to burn between 600-800 calories whilst improving your cardio-respiritory output (from shouting whilst exercising!)

IntenSati is run in California and New York but a workout DVD is available on Amazon. Visit satilife.com


Not for the fainthearted, fierce is an aerial dance fitness class, which means essentially you are hanging in the air.

Currently Fierce is taught at Reebok Sports Club/NY by instructor Fran Sperling and it is a whopping two and a half hours long.

It works to strengthen the upper body through rope climbing and choreographed moves on a trapeze. Gravity also helps to deepen stretches and lengthen muscle.

Fierce is not yet available in the UK; in the meantime, visit thecircusspace.co.uk to learn trapeze skills.

KOR + (formerly known as Booty Slide)

Fitness trainer Rebecca Kordecki, set up Booty Slide in New York in 2007. The idea is that the class allows you to exercise every muscle group in the body but without taking up too much time or requiring too much equipment.

Your feet never leave the ground so there is minimum impact on the body and up to 500 calories can be burned during the 30 minute workout.

KOR + is expected to launch in the UK in 2011. Visit rebeccakordecki.com

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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