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On a plane, on a train, you can really do yoga anywhere

With thousands of individuals static and stranded at airports, in cars, in their homes etc as a result of the weather, exercise regimes go out of the window whilst we sit out the snow. Well at least they do for most of us…

Obviously not one for sitting still, ‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna recently amused/enraged fellow passengers on a snow stranded aeroplane from New York which had been held at Stansted for a few hours, when she began performing her yoga routine in the aisles.

“It was bad enough having to wait,” said one passenger, “but then she started doing her yoga in the aisles.” As if this wouldn’t be a spectacle worth the ticket price alone!

According to yoga instructor Vanessa Dale, many poses can be performed within confined spaces. “I always do a bit of yoga on the plane. I’ve even done a headstand.” She confesses. Well if it’s good enough for Madonna, then it’s good enough for us. Here are some poses recommended by Vanessa which will help you to work off those aeroplane peanuts:

Dancer pose – Good for opening up the hips, shoulders, heart and lungs enabling you to breathe more deeply

Stand in the aisle and steady yourself by placing a hand on the seat at the side if you need to. Shift your weight to your right leg, bend the knee of your left leg and bring your heel to your left buttock. Then reach back with you left hand and grasp your left ankle, lifting your leg both up and back.

Seated forward bend – Good for stretching the hamstrings and lower back as well as stimulating the digestive system

Sit on the floor and place your legs out long in front of you.Then lean forward from the hips and breathe deeply and gently moving your torso further and further down with each exhalation.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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