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In a recent article Webmd highlighted a couple of alternative therapies that could be beneficial to anyone trying to lose weight.

Though essentially the key to loosing weight is to increase activity and reduce calorie consumption, there is a third aspect, says integrative medicine specialist Dr Wendy Kohatsu, ”the mind-body aspect, you need to make sure you’re not missing out on”.

Alternative and complementary therapies work in a way which address the individual as a whole, meaning not just their physical body and symptoms are addressed but also the mental aspects which play a huge role in our overall health and well being.

Here is what Webmd thought of two of the most popular alternative therapies and their effectiveness for weight loss:

In a similar fashion to acupuncture, acupressure works by targeting specific points on the body to which finger pressure is applied.

Back in 2007 a small six month study found that individuals using one form of acupressure lost just over a kilo (2.5 pounds) more than those who went to a support group.

Qi gong
Qi gong is a form of Chinese meditation which has been found to assist weight loss in various studies.

The practice itself involves a combination of very gentle moves which stimulate digestion and mental exercises which help you to learn more about the way in which the body works best with regards to energy, sleep and activity.

“As you become more in tune with what your body needs, you get more from what you eat, so you eat less,” says Alex Holland, president and co-founder of the US Asian Institute of Medical Studies.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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