Herbal remedy for digestive disorder

Nikki Page suffered with stomach issues for years before discovering a cure for her chronic digestive disorder.

For almost 40 years Nikki continuously suffered from a bloated and upset stomach, with multiple allergies to a huge number of foods and constantly aching muscles and joints.

During her teens she visited a doctor who diagnosed the issue as a stomach bug and prescribed a drug known as Septrin to kill off the virus. Whilst the drug had no effect on the the stomach bug it did seriously effect Nikki’s health resulting in her being in hospital for months with bleeding eyes and nails whilst she was ulcerated inside and out and could not see for days. Doctors were concerned that permanent damage may have inflicted on her kidneys.

Following this there was many tests but no diagnosis. It was assumed that the stomach pains were caused by the damage the antibiotics had done to her intestines.

After years of suffering a friend of Nikki’s returned from India with similar symptoms to the ones she was experiencing. After a series of tests it was found she had contracted Giardia, a type of gastro-enteritis caused by Giardia lamblia, a microscopic parasite which the World Health Organisation classifies as one of the most common affecting humans.

For treatment she was recommended an alternative therapist and was given a herbal tincture to take which seemed to clear up her symptoms extremely quickly.

Nikki herself paid a visit to the renowned nutritionist and found that she too had contracted Giardia lamblia.

She was also given a herbal tincture to take three times a day for a week, the main ingredient of which was wormwood. Nikki reported feeling better almost immediately. Upon her return one week later she was advised to take one more course of the tincture to ensure the parasite was completely gone.

After her second week all symptoms had vanished. Nikki reported having more energy than ever before, no bloating, aches or pains. She can eat and drink without worrying about the affects and can enjoy eating out with friends for the first time in years.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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