Thought Field Therapy

Daily Mail recently featured a story telling the tale of one women’s dramatic recovery from depression and guilt using a system known as Thought Field Therapy.

Business women Janet Thomson’s marriage deteriorated after 25 years, breaking up her family and leaving her feeling wracked with guilt and heartache.

After months of soul searching and costly therapy sessions Janet was still experiencing a huge amount of distress as a result of her unpleasant divorce.

After spending many years as a high earning business woman Janet decided to take her career down a different path and train to become a life coach. It was during one of her training days that a colleague clearly sensed unhappiness in Janet and asked her if she could spare five minutes so she could perform a technique known as Thought Field Therapy.

Janet was then asked to focus on the issue that was troubling her but without voicing it aloud. Her colleague then began to tap specific points on her face and hands.

When we experience trauma we tend to hold that memory in a form of code which the body uses to re-asses the negative feelings. All of these codes are stored up in the meridian system, which are the passages which allow our body’s vital energy to flow freely throughout. Using TFT this code can be dispelled, relieving symptoms by breaking the connection between the triggering of thoughts and the emotional response.

Janet almost immediately felt a physical and emotional shift as her negative emotions fell away. After just ten minutes she reported being able to talk about the divorce objectively with no tears and no shaking.

Thought Field Therapy has been found to be highly successful in many areas but is particularly useful in reducing anxiety. For more information on TFT and EFT please click here.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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