Alexander Technique for Childbirth

Learning the Alexander Technique is great for increasing our awareness of how we move and use our bodies. Throughout life we get stuck in patterns of moving in certain ways which cause unnecessary tension without our joints and muscles. Alexander Technique is a way of getting back to basics and recognising when we are doing so in order to release the strains and move more naturally.

Relaxation is an important factor in a seamless labour, as it helps to reduce the pain of contractions, conserve energy and just generally help along the process. However, this is obviously much easier said than done!

When a woman is in childbirth and experiencing painful contractions, the most common reaction will be for her to clench and squeeze anything and everything, hands, jaw, buttocks, shoulders, toes, all of which will hinder the process and certainly won’t go far in helping relaxation. The Alexander Technique is a way of bringing these natural reactions into the limelight and once they’ve been recognised they can be overridden . Though there is no guarantee this is going to equal a quick and pain free labour, most women do experience a noticeable difference when they put what they have learnt into practice.

The Alexander Technique isn’t just a useful childbirth technique, but also in all other stages of pregnancy as it is completely safe, side effect free and all about teaching your body to do what feels right in a relaxed and comfortable situation.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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