Orange essential oil

The term Aromatherapy refers to a form of alternative medicine which is best known for its use of essential oils. These oils possess a huge range of benefits which can help on both an emotional and physical level.

One of the most popular oils used in treatment is orange essential oil, with its familiar sweet, citrus scent it is known to be one of the most uplifting oils used in treatment which is why it is commonly used as an anti-depressant, successfully relieving stress and anxiety.

In addition to this orange essential oils boasts successful treatment in many other areas, some of which are listed below:

Treats swollen tissue by stimulating blood circulation and provides relief from both internal and external inflammation.

When used as a massage oil in the abdominal area this oil can promote digestion, ease constipation and increase vitamin c absorption.

Encourages Detoxification
Stimulates the lymphatic system, the bladder and kidneys as well as increasing the elimination of toxins like uric acid, bile and salts which helps to relieve fluid retention. Can also help to break down and eliminate cellulite.

Skin Treatment
Is known to promote the production of collagen as well as increasing the blood flow to the skin. Great for soothing dry, irritated or acne prone skin.

How To Use

  • Massage oil onto affected areas of the body
  • Add a few drops into a warm bath
  • Add a few drops to your usual body wash
  • For a room freshener add a little to a water spray
  • For sore throats add a drop of bitter orange essential oil to warm salt water and gargle
  • For more tips please view the original naturalnews article here.

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    Written by Emma Hilton

    Written by Emma Hilton

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