About us

My name is Annie Harrington and I was introduced to Reiki in 2003. From that day on I knew I had made a connection with Reiki and I will have the universal energy with me always.

I am now both a Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki master practitioner and teacher.

I am passionate about Reiki and the positive impact it has upon those who find it.

• Would you like to heal yourself, family and friends using the wonderful Reiki energy?
• Can you imagine yourself as a Reiki healer in the future?
• Or would you like to become a teacher of Reiki?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions:

• You can train as a Reiki 1 (Reiki first degree) healer in a few days. This will enable you to tap into the universal energy and transfer it to yourself, family and friends.
• If you wanted to then heal others and turn your skills into a business you could train to be a Reiki 2 healer a few months later.

By completing the Reiki first degree course you will:

• Gain confidence in your ability to use Reiki.
• Join a universal family of Reiki healers.
• Have the opportunity to attend Reiki shares – informal gatherings of Reiki people where ideas and energy are shared.

The small classes for Reiki attunements are friendly, safe and comforting. Support and guidance are ongoing throughout your personal Reiki journey.
Comprehensive manuals, certificates and official lineages are included in the cost.

The Reiki Room
49 Farwell Road
BH12 4PN

Opening hours

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