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British Autogenic Society

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The British Autogenic Society, Ltd, a registered charity. We aim to educate the general public about Autogenic methods which can help them improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.

Our membership comes from diverse backgrounds. We encourage and support collaboration amongst our members to advance research, and to understand and effectively employ the evidence base relevant to Autogenic methods and relaxation therapies more generally. All our members have received a high quality, evidence based training, maintain high standards of continuing professional development, and adhere to ethical standards in their client work. We also aim to educate and influence national policy makers such as NICE, about the evidence base for the use of Autogenic methods for a variety of conditions. Autogenic Training has been taught in the NHS since the 1960s and members of our Society are beginning to work with commissioning groups within the NHS with a view to making training in Autogenic methods more accessible across the country. We are passionate about informing and educating policy makers so that Patient Choice for relaxation therapies becomes a reality.

Autogenic Training is scientifically researched and proven to induce the Relaxation Response. It’s a simple, natural, drug-free meditative technique which engages mind and body together in deep relaxation to help people let go of stress, help them unwind and get back into balance again. And for people with chronic conditions AT may help improve their resilience and their quality of life. AT allows spontaneous, often subtle, mental and physical changes – known as the autogenic (self-generated) healing process.

AT has been taught around the world since the mid-1940s and the evidence base for its effectiveness is broad. Please see our website to learn more and to learn how to add AT to your toolbox of therapies that you can teach your clients.

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