British Autogenic Society

British Autogenic Society

About us

We are a health and social care training organisation and a registered charity. Our AT Therapists teach Autogenics to members of the public, and we offer a PGCert-AT approved by the British Psychological Society to train health and social care professionals and educators to become Autogenic Therapists.

Autogenic Training is scientifically researched and proven to induce the Relaxation Response. It’s a simple, natural, drug-free mind-body meditative self-balancing technique that helps people let go of stress, unwind, refresh and recharge on cue almost anywhere. It's good for creativity and performance enhancement. And for people with chronic conditions AT may help improve their resilience and their quality of life.

AT has been taught around the world since the mid-1940s and the evidence base for its effectiveness is broad. Please see our website to learn how to become an Autogenic Therapist yourself.

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