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Tania Gallindo RCST BCST

78 Haverstock Hill
United Kingdom


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78 Haverstock Hill
United Kingdom


07906 153180

About me

My name is Tânia Gallindo, and I am a Craniosacral Therapist, Shiatsu Practitioner with Post grad in Pregnancy, Maternity Care and Baby Massage. I have been practicing now for 16 years. More recently I have trained as a coach focusing in women's sexuality. Althought my clients see me for a variety of reasons physical and psychological trauma is a common issue I see in my practice. The work I offer is extremely settling for the nervous system which stores the imprint of trauma, stress and anxieties.

"It was a lovely session, and I really appreciated the care and sensitivity of the massage - you have an absolutely fantastic touch. I felt very energized the day after, and much more relaxed that week. My shoulders especially have been better since!"

(Massage client)

What I offer is an opportunity to journey into the presence of your own body and welcome yourself back in touch with it. In that welcoming to what is in you a ground is laid, where understanding and healing will start to unfold at different speed for different people. My witnessing of your process is supported by deep listening, skillful touch, compassion, stillness and a capacity to hold the space to whatever arises in each session.

"Tania my neck is so much stronger, it's nothing short of a miracle after 20 years of almost continual pain. I do believe that there is a little more work that is required on it but I rarely wake up in terrible pain, and I can rest on the side of my neck for a short period of time. The quality of my life has significantly improved, thanks to the 6 treatments that I've received from you, and I feel stronger and even more whole."

(Craniosacral client)

Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is a must try, it is an amazing way to help your body to realign and release tensions and blocks created by past patterns. It is an excellent way to heal and welcome yourself back into your body. From babies to the elderly and people recovering from minor to major surgeries or invasive medical procedures.

Shiatsu Massage (with and without oils)

My massage treatment is informed by my various trainings over the years. You will feel deeply nurtured and listened to during my treatments. It has been described as a big cuddle by a client of mine and it reflects what people feel during my treatments. This treatment is ideal for people who would like to get in touch with not only their bodies but also their souls. It is gentle yet powerful, relaxing and transforming. I also see you during pregnancy which is a time I highly recommend you to look after yourself.

Craniosexual Therapy© and Women's Sexuality

In 2011 I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that involved awakening to my whole being as a woman. I have participated in various trainings with various Tantra teachers.

Over the past 6 years prompted by my women's clients and my own development as a woman I started to train and research around sexual energy. It eventually evolved into a type of bodywork which I call now Craniosexual® Therapy. It integrates body, mind and sexuality with soul. On the somatic side it focus on the whole body, however especial attention is given to the female pelvis with its associated organs, tissues, fluids muscles, ligaments, bones and fascia. In the cognitive side it focus on the psyche through images, thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. The psyche houses our soul, the unconscious part of ourselves from where our traits and ways of being stem from.

Together with my clients, we look to examine these occurences and traits which are part of who we are but often is out of our immediate awareness.

What is most important, is that this type of treatment is extremely respectful of women. The experience of the treatment aims to treat women as more than just parts of a body. Each area of the body is approached with respect, honouring the beauty and divinity that exists in all of us. Your willingness, openness, and curiosity in your unfolding are important factors in working with me.

"Tania is an exceptional natural healer with a beautiful calm approach. She very easily get in tune with your energy and works with it in an expansive way. She is also gloriously alive and awakened to her sexual energy and gives permission to you fully express your womanhood. I found her sessions healing, calming and enlivening. I highly recommend Tania's particular style of Craniosacral, which encompasses depth and years of experience." (Craniosexual Client)

Awakening and Healing Women's Sexuality

AWS coaching addresses the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self. Sexuality is a lot more than just sex, it is a deep connection to your body/ soul whatever shape or size it happens to be. Inevitably how you relate to yourself, treat yourself has a huge influence on how you go about in life.

Yes, yourself, that's where all starts. If you are unhappy about how things are turning out have a look inside yourself, that’s where the search begins. It is a journey that you will take and I will support you in various ways. My facilitation and support comes from being present to your presence holding no judgment on your situation, honouring the opportunity to support you towards the light of your knowing.

For more details look at my website or get in touch.


I was born in Brazil, where I studied Drama and Dance worked as a performer and director. I came to the UK in 1988, and continued to work as a performer, but became more-and-more interested in complementary therapy, particularly in relation to mothers and babies.

After the birth of my daughter at home which was the most amazing experience I had in my life, I immersed myself in the art of Baby massage, and to further my development I joined the one year post-graduate diploma course for Shiatsu Practitioners run by internationally renowned teacher Suzanne Yates in Bristol. It was an excellent experience.

Women's Sexuality Trainings

I have studied with various teachers on the subject of spirituality and sexuality. They were based in tantra and taoism and conscious sexuality to name a few. My training as a coach also involved psychology process work which prompted to join the counselling/psychotherapy training at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London.

Craniosacral Therapy

I have trained as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist with CTET (Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust), which has been at the cutting edge of biodynamic craniosacral therapy in England for over 20 years. I have worked as an assistant tutor at CTET.


I studied Shiatsu with Sensei Ken Waight, at The European School of Shiatsu and Movement, and was privileged to practice Kitaido, a martial art developed by him while he lived in Japan. Practicing Kitaido led me to a deep understanding of the energy in my body, and informed my practice immeasurably.

I studied Zen Bhuddist meditation with Tenshin Fletcher Roshi, Abbot at Yokoji-Zen Mountain Centre in California, and I was deeply inspired by his teaching in the retreats he runs in England and Wales. Since then I have been practicing many types of meditation, from Vipassana to Tantra. I love to connect to the stillness within myself and my clients, where life anew is continuously emerging.


I am studying (second year) psychotherapy at The Psychosynthesis Trust in London which is informing my work deeply

Training, qualifications & experience

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist( CTET)
Shiatsu Practitioner with post-grad in Pregnancy and Babies (Baby Massage)(E.S.S.T.M)
Awakening and Healing Women's Sexuality Coach
Member of the Craniosacral Association of UK.

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Other available therapies

Baby Massage
Craniosexual Therapy®
Awakening and Healing Women's Sexuality Coaching

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Fees varies depending in which clinic I see you. For more details please email me at taniaglindo@gmail.com

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"Thank you very much for the simply wonderful Shiatsu treatment. It felt fantastic! I think you have a real gift for Shiatsu. I will certainly be making a return visit"

Annabel Hargrave, Active Birth and Yoga Teacher

"Craniosacral with Tania has been for me and my children a very nourishing experience that has helped us through difficult times. She is a sensitive, gentle and skillful therapist. Her ability to connect with the energy flow in our bodies cannot be fully described in words, but the experiences we had were exceptionally profound and positive."

Raquel Pinto, Mother

"I think your Craniosacral treatment was so powerful for Both Jack and I, he has been much better since his treatment much more comfortable and far fewer digestive problems."
Thank you again."

Louise Footner, Mother

"Tania has been giving Shiatsu massages to me for most weeks for almost two years. She is very conscientious and professional.

I have gained from Tania's Shiatsu treatments in two particular areas. Firstly, aches (from sports injuries) in my knees or spasms in my back are minimized or eliminated by her treatments, to a much greater extent than through using a physiotherapist. Secondly, the pressures and stresses of my work are considerable, and I find her treatments very helpful from a relaxation/well-being point of view.
I unhesitatingly recommend her - she is excellent!"

Clive Williams, Business Entrepeneur
I recently had a series of Craniosexual Therapy sessions with Tania and just wanted to share my story to hopefully encourage other women who may be hesitant or think it is not important enough to focus on their own sexuality.   Initially, committing to the the two hour weekly sessions for four weeks seemed an extravagance of time, particularly with a toddler, but it has been the most worthwhile and enduring gift I have given myself (and in time, hopefully my daughter).

The subject of the treatment was to address my lack of libido, inability to orgasm and dislike of my body.  To be honest, this isn’t what inspired me to contact Tania.   It was only after I read more about her as a therapist that I became interested in what lies beneath all this, the sexuality and sexual energy of being a woman. My hope was to finally feel comfortable with my body and myself to subsequently become a better role model in the future for my daughter.

I could not have imagined the experience of awareness and awakening that this process has given me. 

I have tried, with minimum success, various therapy over the years to improve my self esteem/self worth, so I find it hard to believe myself how after four sessions I feel so incredibly ‘womanly’.   It’s very difficult to explain this feeling, particularly without it sounding trite, but I feel I have discovered my innate and fundamental ‘womanness’. I feel like I have gone back to basics. In my core I feel nurturing, calm, womanly, beautiful, confident, maternal, strong.    I realize that sexuality is not ‘sex’ but a sexual energy that allows you to feel empowered not vulnerable.

This wasn’t a quick fix, I’m not ‘cured’ but I have a new sense of who I am and that is a very powerful (and empowering) state to be in.

I had a wonderful connection with Tania, and although I don’t think that was unique to me, it did allow me to feel that I was in a safe, discreet and supportive environment.   I revealed intimate experiences and thoughts; some of her exercises pushed me out of my usual comfort zone; and our discussions challenged my way of thinking.   You can only successfully and comfortably do this with someone of Tania’s experience, openness and gentle nature.

Not only a wonderful therapist, but Tania was a nurturing guide through this process. I appreciated that she shared her own experiences and it seemed to me that she adapted her learnings to suit me as a person rather than following a ‘program’ so I felt like the exercises we did together were individual rather than text-book. 

I am so grateful to have been introduced to this treatment by such a wonderful and inspirational therapist and mentor.

"When I came across Tania's sessions, Awakening and Healing Women's Sexuality I felt that it could help my self-esteem and lack of libido but I thought I could never go through with it as I am quite a reserved person. But as this has been affecting many parts of my life I thought I should push myself outside of my comfort zone and give it a try.
And after meeting the lovely, kind and patient Tania at my first session it all fell into place in a very natural way. She has taken me in a journey of discovery, appreciation, mind opening and self love. Each of the sessions I had were totally different, from meditation, to craniosacral work, to dancing and expressing myself, visualisation and being present. One of my favourite parts was to meet my younger self.
I left each session feeling like I owned a bit more of myself, and could actually change a side of me that I never really liked.
It's a daily exercise and a long path but something has changed inside me and I look forward to continuing the journey.

Thank you Tania, there should be more kind and beautiful people like you to make this a better world.''


“Thanks for a wonderful workshop! I loved the whole
energy of it. It exceeded my needs..…the hand-holds
were really useful to use in practice and both practicals
were very powerful.”

“I felt in safe hands. We were respected and cared
about, and kept on track without dismissing anything
that was brought up”

“I have enjoyed the broad mix of activities and also
loved the softness of the approach - the weekend felt
gentle, loving and safe.”

“The anatomy was fascinating and exercises and
practicals very healing. I loved the energy of the tutors,
the level of honesty and the range of learning styles

Her presentation skills are to be admired. Each person in the group had their own personal stories and secrets that were help within the room. To manage the dynamics around that and support each person on their own personal journey as well as deliver the content of the workshop was truly impressive. Tania was patient and perceptive to the time required for each member to process each activity. She also bound the support of the whole group for each other. Her ability to present what was required depending on the present situation within the group makes me want to repeat the experience as I know each workshop will have its own special energy and healing generated to accommodate everyone.

I was surprised by the amount of activities presented that were simple in concept but complex in the way the energy changed and freedom of expression expanded and filtered into the core rather than bouncing off the outer shell. Very transforming!
The level of knowledge and experience was clear from the start of the workshop. The practical yet sensitive presentation of the anatomy of the genitalia was perfectly pitched. The explanations of arousal and orgasm and the function of the various structures was comfortable and reassuring.

As the workshop progressed and inhibitions faded a sense of connectedness to my femininity and heart took place. I went into the workshop as a thinking, fact based, somewhat self-absorbed, self-critical and very insular individual. I left the workshop embracing my femininity, feeling with my heart, connected to a group of women who were willing to support me and nurture my inner child and with a sense of inner freedom and personal achievement. The transformation was visible as well as felt.

The wonderful thing about this transformation is that it is permanent as far as I can tell. I approach everything with a new sense of worthiness as a woman and not as a “person”. It’s subtle yet profound in that the edges are softer but stronger, open not closed and the connections are heart felt not brain felt. This change has been noticed by my clients as we become more aligned. My business has exploded with “word of mouth” as I allow my intuition to work instead of my intellect. It’s a truly wonderful thing to be unable to explain why a healing takes place other than to say I “felt” it. I no longer am compelled to explain in scientific terms what happens with healing when the body is just doing what it knows how to do.

Interestingly, 75% of my clients are now women compared to 66% before the workshop. More women are coming to me with physical ailments that are related to stress and their role as women rather than physical trauma. Perhaps I am just more attuned to it or maybe they are but there has been a definite shift. I haven’t used any specific craniosexual holds yet but I think this not far away. Exciting stuff for the future! Thanks Tania.

Carolyn Fox -NZ Craniosexual

The workshop was intense and growthful for me. I experienced your skilful facilitation as warm, rich and very available to any nuances of challenge that I, or any of the participants, may have come across. I had a huge emotional response to my infant abuse after the course.
Bless you for your sacred work darling-you definitely have a soul mission. I look forward to our next meeting. AROHANUI

Thank you so much Tania, I loved your workshop. I felt more connected to my femininity and thinking about it now that has carried on, I'm wearing my earrings again and more in touch with what I wear. I felt connected to dancing and the amazing meditation. I had always thought our private parts were ugly so there was a real transformation around that. The workshop was full of love and femininity and freedom of expression, I loved the freedom of expression.

I am on a journey of liberation, truth and love. I believe Craniosexual workshop has touched and opened my heart. Opening myself up to more beauty and in that I can make a difference when connecting to other women. I loved our heart connection, I'm more connected to the heart. So many things. Thank you Tania


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