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Flat 4,
56 Portland Villas

07754343671 / 07754343671

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Flat 4,
56 Portland Villas

07754343671 / 07754343671

About me

Suzy Dior a long term member of ‘The Coalition of Health’ USA and of the ‘Complimentary Medicine Practitioners Association’, UK, is a worldwide authority on live blood cells, body’s bio-chemistry and medical biomagnetism.

Suzy is best known for the 30 day specialist health and healing retreats she held in Bali and for extra-ordinary treatments of sick people worldwide which have gained phenomenal results.  Known as the first person to combine bio-chemistry and bio-magnetic balancing for the relief of chronic, un-diagnosable and long term illness,   Suzy is not only teaching and treating healthcare; she is the embodiment of health and energy herself.

Educated by Dr Goiz, Dr Hans de Braak and Biomedx, Chicago to a world class level of therapy, Suzy now resides in Monaco offering educational presentations, private therapies and health coaching.   Suzy has dedicated herself to the vocation of helping sick people become well.

Suzy has treated and consulted presidential cabinet members, Olympic sports people, and incurable sickness from around the world.   Suzy has changed hundreds of people’s attitudes to health and healing, relieved suffering and saved lives.

Those people who have experienced their illness disappearing believe Suzy does have solutions to many otherwise unresolved illness.   Starting in the personal performance field with Anthony Robbins and progressing through Biomedx and Dr Goiz, Suzy’s is always on the cutting edge.

Training, qualifications & experience

Medical Biomagnetism Dr Goiz
Bioterrain analysis BioMedx
BioEnergetics Dr Goiz
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Master Reiki
Tibetan Bowl sound therapy
NLP Practitioner Life Coaching
Holistic Massage

Therapies offered


Various according to principles and necessities. Best to email for ongoing prices and choose yours selectively according to your requirements. Seems like approx 100 pounds for all. Allow 2-3 hours approximately for your sessions unless nothing really is wrong. Find out more by contacting me today. All hours expect Sundays

Further information

Medical Biomagnetism -  Dr Isaac Duran Goiz    

Therapist Suzy Dior

Diagnosis is done through kinesiology finding all pathogens, virus, fungus, bacteria, parasite and disfunctions which cause imbalance in the body of physical, emotional, and mental issues.  It is corrected using the biomagnetic pair.  All illness can be treated with this.   It is a vibrational phenomenon considered as a medical therapy.

The pathogen in the body distorts the normal ph in the area it is living so that it can stay alive.  The Magnetic pair rebalance the pH to a neutral level.  Pathogens cannot survive in this environment,  they die and allow the part of body to restore itself to optimum health.

How does it work. We are all magnetic.   The minerals in our body are affected by magnets. (iron inside cell and other minerals)  moon magnetic field on the water moving.  Potential hydrogen (h2o) magnet moves it)   It can be out of balance... or in balance.

Using high power 4,000 Gauss magnets to put the pH back in balance, thereby eliminating pathogens and balancing disfunctions in the body. Specific, scientific measurements and testing are used to ensure balance is achieved.

It's simple. It's effective. It's efficient.  There are no side effects. Diagnosis is specific.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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9am to 7pm Monday to Fridays 7am to 1pm Sundays

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