Silvia Claudia Starczewski BTAA, BAUK

Silvia Claudia Starczewski BTAA, BAUK

Normandy Crescent
Greater Manchester
M26 3TD

07891 890608

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Normandy Crescent
Greater Manchester
M26 3TD

07891 890608

About me

This is not a description of a job, but a description of who I am and what I do :)

I hope my story of overcoming hardships and enhancing my well being, will inspire you, will compel you into starting or continuing to seek ways to improve your life; as a Bowen Therapist I want to support you the best I can, to make it all happen!

After (finally) being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, a digestive auto-immune disease, three years ago, Bowen Technique, which is a holistic, gentle manual therapy, along with a healthy nutrition, saved my life. Instead of being in pain, I move and live with ease; tiredness was swapped for vibrant energy and fear has moved aside to make space for " I can do this!"  I live by what I preach to my clients and that is nothing short of being authentic!

I am and always have been a people focused individual. I am focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. I love making things happen for people, and get my best personal satisfaction from this.

Read more about my story here:

  • Bowen Technique (Bowtech) is a remedial manual therapy which in a gentle, non invasive manner brings your body back in harmony in a holistic way.

Bowen can help with a wide range of symptoms, physical and emotional, and is suitable for all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly and infirm.

Pregnant women can greatly benefit from Bowen in alleviating back aches and associated pregnancy ailments. Babies and children are handled very sensitively and always with parents or guardians present throughout the session.

  • Find out here what conditions may benefit through Bowen Technique
  • What do I do in a session?

A Bowen session consists of gentle rolling movements with my thumbs and fingers over precise points of your body, in a planned succession. The movements are delicate, yet purposeful, precise, and efficient. The pressure that the practitioner applies is the same maximum pressure you could comfortably put on your eye ball. Also there is no forceful manipulation of any kind. Also for people with chronic pain, they can rest assured that it is NOT a massage so there is no prolonged contact with your skin.

There are frequent pauses between moves, which allow your body to integrate them and let your brain pass on the information to the relevant structures.

  • What will the session be like?

I have a dedicated healing room in my home with a separate entrance and self contained toilet. The session takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and I am fortunate to live in quiet green (fresh air!) surroundings.

A Bowen session may be done lying on the therapy table, sitting or standing, depending on your body range of movement and degree of comfort.I prefer doing the moves directly on skin (underwear is always kept on) so I can get direct feedback about how your body reacts, however your comfort is my utmost priority and you may bring a change of clothes like a light cotton T-shirt, shorts or PJ bottoms.

You will be covered at all times to protect your modesty and ensure you feel comfortable and safe.

There is no music and no aromatic scents in the room as there are un-necessary stimuli to your brain, which needs to focus on the moves performed in the session.

I hope this overview gives you a good idea what Bowen is and who I am, and to gently encourage you to experience this wonderful technique for yourself and take a new step towards your optimal health with my support as your Bowen therapist!

*Disclaimer: Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained in three different countries with 3 world class Bowtech (The Original Bowen Technique) instructors:

  • Andrew Zoppos in Bucharest, Romania
  • Lesley Baxter in Sheffield Hallam University, England
  • Trevor Griffiths in Edinburgh, Scotland

I am always keen to evolve my skills and I regularly research, attend classes and webinars in order to learn and update my knowledge. Every year I easily exceed the number of Continuous Professional Development hours required by BAUK.

I am bound by the strict code of ethics of The Bowen Association UK.

Accreditations and diplomas:

  • Bowen Therapeutic Technique Proficiency Diploma
  • Full Member of Bowen Association UK
  • Full Member of The Bowen Academy of Australia
  • Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology - graduated with Distinction (94%)
  • QA Level 3 Award in "First Aid At Work"
  • Post Grad Module 8 completed.

When you choose me as your Bowen therapist, you do not get only Bowen skills and technique, you can rest assured that my life time experience, my empathy, my enthusiastic desire to support you and enhance your life to the best of my powers, are always part of the deal.

Having brought myself back to my optimal health from a scary diagnose of an auto-immune disease, I understand the struggles of a long journey and have extensive experience in what it means "to get back your life"! And from personal experience I can genuinely say it's easier with Bowen and it's easier with the right qualified therapist to understand your journey.

Member organisations

Bowen Association

Therapies offered


First session is £50 and any subsequent sessions are £35.

*If you are un-employed or a student, the fees are:

  • £40 per first session
  • £30 subsequent sessions

Upon presenting proof of the above.

First appointment includes a thorough assessment and discussing your medical history and your health goals. It includes a hands on session and it usually lasts between 1.5-2 hrs.

A typical session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour or more, variations being dictated by your case (severity of symptoms, medication, range of movement, purpose of the session).

Further information

I feel privileged to work with my clients as each and every one of them is enhancing my life through their own story. Them reaching a higher level of health and life satisfaction give me immense joy! Have a look at what some of my clients have to say about their Bowen experience with me.

"After being on prescription drugs for different conditions I was looking for something different to try to see if I could improve my health. I tried Bowen therapy with Silvia and I can honestly say I was amazed at the whole experience, not only did it improve my overall health and help me to function day to day but the can do attitude of Silvia was an inspiration to me and gave me the motivation to live life to the full despite of my limitations. I would recommend Silvia to anyone, she has changed my life and for that I will always be grateful." Graham, Farnworth.

"I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for more than 10 years now, and prefer not to take any conventional prescribed medication for it. I sometimes use over the counter pain relief for it instead. I had tried Chinese medicine in the past and it helped me, but I wanted to try something different. I heard about Bowen Technique and so gave it a go. Silvia made me feel at ease from the beginning and her explanations were clear. During and after each session, I felt my muscles became much more relaxed, and the pain, more bearable, and I was able to function a lot better. Bowen definitely helped improving my daily life! I feel less tired and move with less or no pain. Silvia is gentle and compassionate. I recommend her and Bowen Technique to anyone suffering with chronic pain." James, Manchester.

"I have been Silvia's client for a few months now and I absolutely love the treatment. I had a lot of cramps in my right arm from an old whiplash injury after a car hit me from the side and that pain and cramps went quickly just after three sessions. In parallel, I have been in a difficult time stress-wise over the last three months and she really helped to calm me down using Bowen. Silvia is so positive and caring and she tailors the treatment to whatever is going on, mentally or physically, whatever I need at the time. My life situation improved and I am stress-free but I still go for the occasional top-up." Jane, Bolton.

"I visited Silvia after I had my second child because of extreme back pain and post natal depression. After the first session I noticed an immediate difference to my back and my mood. By the third session I could take care of my newborn properly and my desire to leave the house came back. Bowen helped not just physically but mentally. Silvia is passionate about Bowen and the benefits of the therapy. She is compassionate and professional. I highly recommend her and the Bowen Technique! During this past year, I had a few subsequent "maintenance" sessions for various reasons and it never fails to amaze me how good I feel after each session!" Melissa, Farnworth.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Manchester, M26 3TD

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Romanian, French, Hebrew Basic understanding of Spanish and Italian


Mon-Fri 9.30-21.30, some weekends available, please ask

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