Sean Kulyk Registered Kinesiologist KFRP

Sean Kulyk  Registered Kinesiologist  KFRP

Bains Natural Healing Clinic
2 Livingstone Road
DA12 5DZ

The Lessness Natural Health Clinic
42 Lessness Avenue

01474 356 729 / 07949 191 508

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Bains Natural Healing Clinic
2 Livingstone Road
DA12 5DZ

The Lessness Natural Health Clinic
42 Lessness Avenue

01474 356 729 / 07949 191 508

About me

Registered Kinesiologist, supporting people with all chronic conditions naturally, using applied kinesiology muscle testing for assessing functional health imbalances and associated treatments needed to help bring about Homeostasis (balance) and thus improved health.

Summary of my treatment approach : This approach is based on the fact that one's symptoms are an indication of our system being out of balance.   This is true of any symptoms. In other words symptoms do not just start for no reason. Clearly, something has changed in the way the affected person is reacting to trigger factors.

This change in turn is usually because of a number of other factors.   These include lifestyle, diet, worry/stress, electro-magnetic pollution, poor sleep quality, or even structural factors to name a few.

My job is

(i)          to do a detailed case analysis (including homoeopathic case analysis) and

(ii)         kinesiology testing to look at  which aspects of your system are out of balance and to identify causative contributory / trigger factors, which have caused your system to become imbalanced and hence cause you discomfort  and pain or other symptoms.

(iii)        Then to recommend appropriate changes needed to re-establish homeostasis (balance).

Your role is to implement the recommended dietary and (any) lifestyle changes and take any recommended supplements / Homeopathic remedies.

This should then reduce and then normalise the tendency to over reacting (as evidenced by reduction and then elimination of the symptoms) and improved health in general terms.

This is thus a holistic approach, which is more than merely suppressing symptoms, but one which empowers the person in terms of implementing further health improvement on many levels.

I have 23 years clinical experience as a Complementary Medicine practitioner and have helped thousands of patients, regularly helping where others have failed.

I also am a qualified Homoeopath, Spinal Touch therapist and a Reflexologist. My strength is in supporting people holistically but from a very science based background and then educating and motivating people to make the needed changes for improved health.

All patients are given supporting materials which explain the rationale and what they need to do for positive change.

Why not let me help you to help improve your health?

Products & Services:
Neuro Lymphatic Massage
Su Jok Korean Acupuncture
Neuro Lymphatic Massage

Training, qualifications & experience

Kinesiology :
  Health Kinesiology Diploma (Levels 1 -5)
  ICAK 100 hour Kinesiology course
  Kinesiology Federation registered Practitioner (KFRP) since 1996 (see Kinesiology Federation           website)

  Homeopathy Diploma Dip.Hom(med) Hahnemann College

Spinal Touch
  ISHTA Spinal Touch Diploma

  ITEC Massage Diploma

  Reflexology Diploma

  Su Jok korean Acupuncture Diploma

23 years clinical experience including internationally
Lecturer in Natural Medicine

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Therapies offered

Other available therapies

The Complementary approach.

One of the basic tenets of the Complementary Medicine approach is that all chronic (long term)

conditions, by definition are multi-factorial.  This is why a uni-lateral ‘solution’ (involving

either western or natural medicine) is often of limited value.

A multi-factorial approach to a multi-factorial problem.

Really, a multi-factorial problem needs a multi-factorial solution, i.e. a holistic

approach to case analysis / testing and treatment regime.  By doing this we are not just

dealing with the symptoms (i.e. the effects), but are also supporting the underlying causal / contributory factors.

In other words we are dealing with the various layers of interdependent causality which have contributed producing the ‘symptoms’.  So good complementary medicine is :

(a) patient centred and

(b) ‘complements’ the western medical approach in a pragmatic way.

The need to involve the patient.

This approach should also however also provide proper explanation to the patient regarding how

their condition has developed, particularly regarding dietary, lifestyle, attitude and stress

factors and how these have led to compensatory responses in the body.

It is these unconscious compensatory adjustments which in the short term give some relief as they create a new (less than ideal) homeostasis.   However, such compensations are not meant for the long term, and thus create further physiological ‘stress’ on the person, the end result of which is a poorer homeostasis and consequent ‘symptoms’.

So the complementary approach should provide explanation, support and motivation, in ways

which the patient can regain more control over their health particularly through changes

e.g. in nutrition, use of supplements / Homoeopathic remedies, reducing exposure to electro-magnetic pollution and other stress factors (be they mental/emotional, biochemical or structural).

Implementation of such changes help create a more appropriate homeostasis and thus improve health and ultimately negate the need for symptoms or at least considerably reduce them.

Symptoms are not the enemy, but the language of a body in distress.

In other words a holistic approach should be empowering to the patient and enable the patient to see that illness/disease symptoms are really only ‘indicators’ that underlying bio-chemical, structural or

mental / emotional / spiritual conditions are wrong. So uncomfortable as they may be, the symptoms are not the problem only specific indicators of a system in an unbalanced state.

It is therefore important to recognise that the symptoms (such as pain and discomfort etc) are the

‘language of the body’ and that simply suppressing them is tantamount to being the equivalent of an ancient king killing the messenger who brought the bad news, it does not ultimately help the situation.

The answer lies in correcting the underlying bio-chemistry and homeostasis (balance), by

doing this we are creating the right conditions for a return to health.

Regaining homeostasis, the key to re-creating health.

Whilst this natural approach may not usually work as fast as working directly on the symptoms, it is generally more robust and sustainable and makes more sense.  Why?  Because simply getting rid of the symptoms does not get rid of the underlying problems/causes. As a result the symptoms

just keep coming back  soon after they have been suppressed, meanwhile the underlying

problems not having been dealt with inevitably worsen and end up creating worse symptoms.

The answer is by responding in a timely and supportive way which will create the right potential

conditions for a more optimal level of homeostasis and therefore increase chances of success!

The locationof the symptoms is often notthe where the underlying problems originate.

So the Kinesiology / Naturopathic approach recognises

(a) the location of the symptom is not necessarily where the problem(s) is/are.  So we need to look deeper.

(b) We also need to look at the broader context. ; i.e. we are all a product of our genes (which we can not do much about) and our diet and life circumstances and how we react/respond to them.  These are the things we can learn to change.

The stress of life.

Whilst the man in the street has long recognised the effect of our daily stresses on physical

conditions, it is actually only recently that western medicine has done so.  However, now the science of Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI) has scientifically demonstrated the mind-body link, the

effect of mind on matter.

Emotional stress in its various forms causes very definite and measurable changes in our biochemistry including a reactive tendency to towards excess acidity and inflammation. However just how much of a reaction occurs is in turn often influenced by e.g. nutritional deficiencies and / or toxic excess amongst other things.

In Summary.

To be truly effective in dealing with patients with chronic conditions, we need to ensure

that they have been checked by their GP to rule out possible underlying more serious problems.

We then need to look at all the factors which are contributing to their condition, and this

may involve more than one approach/therapy or a therapy  which draws on many different

approaches such as Kinesiology.  But always we need to work in a supportive and empowering

way with the patient.

Sean Kulyk is a complementary medicine lecturer and practitioner with over 23 years

clinical experience.   He works at a number of clinics in London and Kent including the

new Bains Natural Health Clinic, 2 Livingstone Road, (off Valley Drive), Gravesend East..

He can be contacted for appointments on Tel. 07949 191508 or email as above.

Health ; a state of peace and balance that comes from awareness and flexibility in ones response to life plus consideration to others who share this precious planet with us.

Copyright  © Sean Kulyk 9th July 2008                                    Updated 21 Feb 2013

Photos & videos

  • Kinesiology testing using the Quadriceps muscle
  • Kinesiolgy Testing the Pectoralis Major Sternal Muscle


Duration and Cost of consultations :

The initial consultation is 1.5 hours and 2 hours depending on the complexity of the case, and the number of questions asked. Normally 1.5 hours, however I reserve a 2 hour slot for the initial consultation, just in case.

  If the initial consultation is 1.5 hours, the cost is   £55.00.

  If the initial consultation is 2 hours, the cost is   £70.00.

Follow on sessions are typically 1 hour and normally cost £40.00.

Normally follow on appointments are every 3 or 4 weeks, although occasionally the 2nd.appointment is after 2 weeks.

Further information

Consultations take place in the main consulting room at the Bains Natural Healing clinic, 2 Livingstone Road, Gravesend, Kent  DA12 5DZ

This is conveniently located fairly close to the Gravesend East exit from the A2.

Entrance is via the pharmacy. Please let one of the staff on the pharmacy counter know that you have an appointment to see me.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Gravesend, DA12 5DZ
Bexleyheath, DA7 5SJ

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Sign language: No
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Bains Natural Healing clinic, Mon - Fri 9.00 am - 6.00 pm , Sat 9.00 - 1.00 pm. Lessness Natural Health clinic, Bexleyheath Tues - Sat 10.00 - 7.00 pm,

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