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Sir Gaerfyrddin
SA34 0TD

01437563881 / 07720 032748

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Sir Gaerfyrddin
SA34 0TD

01437563881 / 07720 032748

About me

Combined with the other energy therapies I use, my technique REALLY works on many areas of health including pain, anxiety, arthritis, back problems, illnesses. Reiki is simple, gentle and non-invasive but effective healing, working with what is needed at a subtle level and on the clothed body. It will shift depression, worry and emotional trauma. Clients feel benefit even after one session. I usually suggest three. It depends on the nature of the problem.

I teach people ways to help themselves from my many years of training and working with others from USA especially. I UPGRADE MY SKILLS CONSTANTLY.

It can be a minefield trying to find someone to help. I have had clients who have tried all ways and many therapists. My style is holistic and each client is treated uniquely as I 'see' the person and work intuitively. I have a good understanding of people of all ages and with a variety of problems as this is important.

Over 25 years I have worked in Healing Centres across the UK and am trained to work with medical practices and in hospitals and have given talks to doctors and others in the field of medicine. I have been a verified member of The Reiki Association and took a stringent re-test in 2016 to comply with current standards, both written and practical to the highest standards. I am also a qualified NFSH member and did a two year training and gained a first class student level.

I am a mother, was a teacher, am a creator, life coach, writer, speaker, a listener and I care about wellness. I am a sensitive fully insured Healing/ Energy practitioner and Reiki Master teacher. (Reiki Association Member and Healing Trust member). Trained Yoga specialist for both adults and children. (Workshops available). Emotional Freedom Technique and Timeline Therapy as well as others.


I got a teenager walking again after being paralysed.

At a local hospital, I was able to help a young girl rushed in in a serious condition with breathing problems and suspected glandular fever.

People thank me for lessening and getting rid of their pain and for feeling calm.

Benefits of Reiki may include:

  • Pain relief
  • Healing wounds
  • Stress reduction
  • A deep, peaceful relaxation
  • Feelings of security and wellness
  • Anxiety
  • Promotion of natural self-healing
  • Release of energy blockages and tension
  • Stimulation of the body’s immune system
  • Improved tissue/bone healing after injury or surgery
  • Major illnesses
  • Mental and Emotional problems....anxiety, depression

All sorts of other areas too.

I continually add to my healing by doing research and lots of extra training to keep up to date as I feel it my duty to do so to be the very best I can for my clients.


I am so relaxed and my great pain is so much less now. Grandmother WEST WALES 2017

You help me so much. S. L. Wales AUGUST 2017

I feel so much better now. Thankyou Rosemary. Young mother. Nashville Tennessee.

It doesn't matter how frazzled or upset I am. When I have had a Reiki treatment with Rosemary I feel really calm, balanced and so much better. The peace and calmness flows into you and settles you. As her hands hover and move over me.

You are a powerful healer Rosemary       West Wales July 2107
You are an incredible healer/coach TBS 2017

'You make me feel so good Rosemary!' June 2017 Narberth Mother/ grandmother WEST WALES

I just want to thank you for helping me through today, I feel much better. MAY 2017

I feel so calm and relaxed after a session. My whole body feels so much better. Julia. Wales

Thankyou. I am no longer anxious. The treatment has had a wonderful effect. Sophie. Cardiff

I just want to say "thank you" for such an amazing experience. Having never had Reiki before, it was quite incredible and I left feeling so totally relaxed and am still feeling the benefits, including a clearer mind and feeling more grounded, especially helpful as I am dealing with a number of extremely difficult challenges.  So glad I took up the opportunity to book an appointment and will certainly visit Rosemary again.  Thank you so much. PS West Wales

Since training in Reiki, I learnt other healing modalities and I work with energy. I have been studying how Vibrational Medicine works. I use only the highest purest energies of the time. As new energies enter the atmosphere, their positives can help in raising vibrations and healing.

I believe in living HAPPILY, JOYFULLY, ABUNDANTLY and FREELY. People need an easy Energy flow. My practice is to encourage this.

I can't feel the swelling now and am so relieved. I know it's helped my healing from surgery AG. Carmarthenshire.

I feel totally different now and in a much better place. J.J. Kent
I found it very relaxing. My pains have gone and I feel so much better. I will be back. John. Cardiff

It was lovely to meet you and thank you very much for my Reiki session. My daily meditations have been clearer and my hip much improved. Therapist LONDON

My arm is completely better. Thankyou so much. You'd never believe I'd had a problem. Jill W. London......(HANDS ON AND DISTANT HEALING)

Energies are changing on the planet. I work with newest energies and consciousness to help people on their life journey and to bring the soul what it needs and to fully nourish the spirit.

The movements in Yoga are gentle, non-invasive and work with the breath which is so important. Chi Gong methods can be shown too.

Wellness details with good diet and essences come into my practice.

My HEALING SESSIONS are deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and a great support to their own healing process. I work from home in a beautiful peaceful treatment room near the Preseli Hills. I also offer home visits within a reasonable distance at a small extra charge.

CHARGES FOR TREATMENT£40 for an hour which includes full medical history. £50 with techniques and tips for self healing and some life coaching/ For those in reduced circumstances I charge less.
Distant healing £25 a session..paid upfront by cheque or bank transfer.

RING TO CHAT WITH ME BEFORE MAKING AN APPOINTMENT OR EMAIL..Thanks. I can then tell you more. It would be my pleasure to do so.

Training, qualifications & experience

Reiki Masters   MANCHESTER
Karuna Reiki Master MANCHESTER
Yoga Teacher (for adults),   CHESHIRE
Yogabugs (for children) LONDON
I have over 20 years experience of Reiki and 14 or more of Yoga.
NFSH Spiritual Healing

Counselling Skills 2001

Transpersonal Psychology 2006

Healing Shift May 2017 Manchester UK

I have taken part in many holistic fairs giving Reiki healing sessions to the public, given demonstrations of Reiki to medical professionals in Manchester, have given talks on Self- Healing in Surrey and organised a conference with American on Living Energy in West Sussex.
I have given Reiki hands on in America, France and Spain. I have attuned people in these places too.

I work with animals, to clear buildings and situations.

I have taught Yoga to individual children and worked with adults. I link Reiki sessions with Yoga when it seems apt.

Therapies offered

Other available therapies

Life Coaching for health, wellness, stress, life changes, re location, post traumatic stress etc.

WORKSHOPS for inner connection, soul development and creative essence flow. PLEASE ASK. Writing, Art, Life Music and More.

Day or half day sessions.

These are all about HEALTH AND WELLNESS, DE STRESSING AND BALANCE. This is all recognised as being so important now.
Residential courses offered too.


Please communicate with me about fees. My usual rate is £40 per session which includes follow up , suggestions for self-help etc. I prefer people to be helped rather than finances being an issue for them. Adjustments for low incomes etc. by discretion.

Further information

I can also teach/ attune people to Reiki so that they can work on themselves.

I offer creative workshops to help people open to their greater potential and to find more joy and fun in their lives.


I am a trained educational facilitator/ teacher, a Life Music Teacher/ Trainer, Art Teacher, Healing Arts practitioner and member of ARTS FOR WELLBEING..London, Cymru, N West  S. West.

I am fully insured for working with people.

I am constantly updating my skills. I am a reasearcher by nature and am qualified in Action Research. I love people to live with JOY, BLISS, HAPPINESS AND WELLNESS. I AM PART OF GLOBAL GROUPS FOR THIS.


I write for online magazines as personal development writer.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Whitland, SA34 0TD

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: some French


Available most times and ready to help with emergency situations.I can work in person or support at a distance if necessary. Techniques/ methods to help people in need are offered distantly.

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