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1 Sheffield Road
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About me

Tired of feeling unwell? Frustrated by the short-comings of conventional health-care? Know that something’s wrong, just not quite sure what?

Kinesiology is an extraordinary tool which uses gentle muscle testing to get to the root of health and well-being issues. Each of the body’s muscles are linked by meridians to the body’s organs and systems, so when a muscle is weak, the corresponding organ or system’s efficiency is immediately explored.

Kinesiology completely eliminates the guesswork which can accompany so many methods of treating ill health: the muscle strengthens dramatically when the relevant nutrition needed or emotional issue is identified. The muscle and corresponding organ are also treated in the session with lymphatic massage, energy balancing and neuro-vascular strengthening techniques, all of which leave the client feeling empowered, relaxed and revitalised. Clients can’t believe how much better they feel and how much stronger their muscles are by the end of the session. After a few sessions, the vast majority of clients know that they will never be plagued again by the issue that they came with.

Training, qualifications & experience

Richard Lee is a former Police Community Support Officer who discovered Kinesiology when he encountered problems with his digestive system, and was having repeated hereditary migraines that ran in his family. Kinesiology completely resolved these complaints, and since then he hasn't looked back.

Richard trained at Chesterfield College to attain an NVQ L3 in Complementary Therapies, where he graduated with a distinction at the top of his class. His qualification saw him trained to a very high degree in Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology. Following this, he acquired an NVQ L3 qualification in tradition Champissage (Indian Head Massage) and has trained with the prestigious TASK, completing the ’Balanced Health’ foundation course, Meridian Tapping Therapy, and attained Practitioner status with a Merit.

Richard also has extensive experience in the Bach Flower Remedies, Meridian Tapping Therapy, and counselling skills.

He has over 5 years experience as a therapist, and has been lucky enough to help many people return to health and work, in particular those with endocrine, postural, and digestive issues. He has a successful track record in treating people who suffer with depression, and who have back issues. He also works with children and babies, finding it particularly rewarding to help identify their imbalances early and give them a good start to a healthy and happy life.

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Other available therapies

Richard also offers:

. Remedial Massage
. Aromatherapy Massage
. Indian Head Massage
. Reflexology (free foot massage included)

Consultation & Treatment £40
(Allow 90 minutes for first treatment, including detailed medical history consultation for first treatment; then allow 60 minutes for following treatments).

A wide variety of essential & carrier oils are available. These are mixed and prepared in the presence of every client, and tailored to individual needs.


Kinesiology: Consultation & Treatment £50 (allow 90 - 120 minutes, including detailed medical history consultation before first treatment). Excluding cost of nutrition. Following treatments allow 90 - 120 minutes.

Appointments for babies and young children (under 8 years old) need to be attended preferably by two adults. One is needed to act as a surrogate for the muscle testing, and the second can be very helpful in keeping the little one engaged and entertained! Note: Surrogate balances in Kinesiology are an additional £10 per session, as the person has to be balanced first before treating the child.

Surrogacy sessions are also available for the elderly upon request. Please enquire within for details.

Further information

Kinesiology addresses approaches a whole host of issues from an holistic perspective. By finding where the body is imbalanced and ascertaining whether the issue is physical, emotional, nutritional or energetical, the client’s reactions to the muscle tests can then illuminate the required path back to health. A very wide range of conditions can be helped through kinesiology, including:

- Allergies, intolerances and food sensitivities,
- Auto-immune diseases
- Asthma
- ADHD and ADD
- Acne
- Anxiety
- Arthritis
- Blood pressure - high or low
- Breast soreness and congestion
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.)
- Candida (thrush)
- Constipation
- Co-ordination issues
- Digestive problems
- Depression
- Dyslexia
- Dyspraxia
- Ear problems
- Eczema
- Eye problems
- Fibromyalgia
- Frequent infections
- Headaches
- High cholesterol
- Insomnia
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
- Menstrual Disorders
- Muscular aches and pains
- Psoriasis
- Restless leg syndrome
- Sinusitis
- Stress
- Sub-fertility
- Thyroid problems
- Weight issues

Plus many more conditions.

All nutritional supplementation used in conjunction with Kinesiology treatments are sourced from Natures Sunshine Products (NSPUK). All products are medical / pharmaceutical grade, and only available through a distributor (such as Richard). They are up to x5 times stronger than supplementation available in supermarkets or over the counter, and are not available on the high street. Products are priced at 15% discount from RRP, and are an essential part of a Kinesiology treatment. Prices are subject to quantity and type, but clients must be informed that products can cost the price or more of the treatment itself. This is dependant on the clients' needs, but courses of nutrition are tailored to ensure that they get the very best results from the treatment. For more info, go to:

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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Chesterfield, S41 7LL

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Morgans Hair & Beauty, Fridays 4pm-6pm & Saturdays 9am - 5pm. PLEASE BOOK ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE AS PLACES ALWAYS FILL UP. THANK YOU.

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