Peta Gilbert. RGN. ITEC Dip

Peta Gilbert. RGN. ITEC Dip

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The Brush
21, Garden Close

02084012080 / 07812430688

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The Brush
21, Garden Close

02084012080 / 07812430688

About me

My approach as a therapist is entirely geared to your story, temperament, situation and past health issues, which paint a vivid picture of how you came to be seeking advice or help with health or well being issues. With massage, reflexology, ear candling, reiki and more to choose from,18 years holistic experience, and an extensive nursing background forming a sound foundation to my work, I communicate clearly, understand your health problems, and can set realistic goals. This year, I have returned to Nursing, updating, working within a new speciality and rediscovering my inner nurse!
FIRST CONSULTATION FREE, time given as needed, no 10 minute, one problem limitations.  If you just want to be relaxed, reset and rejuvenated by Massage, Reflexology, Reiki or Ear Candling, just listen to your body, make that call. NHS STAFF 25% DISCOUNT Reflexology, Reiki and Massage are always popular, but it's Ear Candling season again. Winter colds and sinus infections can muffle your senses, and spoil your fun. You may have noticed that they seems to get worse each time?, that is because over the counter treatments may bring relief, but leave small residues within your sinuses, leading to blockages that you feel as congestion and pain the next time around. Candling, massage and reflexology all offer different ways to encourage the body to get through the infection with better outcomes.
SEE REVISED HOURS.  TRIALLING A NEW OPTION THROUGHOUT THIS WINTER, Saturday appointments in limited supply. Weekday Visits too for elderly or housebound folk. Easy outside parking, easy bus route connections 154, 157, 405,  20 minutes walk from Waddon or Wallington Station.

Bespoke Vouchers. £40 for 60 minutes Give someone you care a time of nurture, pampering and health support.  Just use within 3 months

Reflexology - Feet or hands.  VRT trained too Put your feet in my hands..£40
Reflexology does not tickle, your feet are a key toward good health, they may not win a beauty competition, but, the irregularities that develop, like bunions, hammer toes, corns, are all fascinating and relative to me in recognising what ails you and how to help. Reflexology attends to the connections within our feet or hands that influence the whole body on a physical, energetic and emotional level

Massage Therapy £40
Holistic, also called therapeutic massage, which is based on classical Swedish techniques - effleurage, petrissage, kneading, cupping and chopping.The classic standard in relaxation therapies, massage can also help to ease pain, joint discomfort, muscular and emotional tension and recover energy and feeling good in yourself.

Reiki - Universal Healing Energy. £40
Reiki can be profound in it's effect where other therapy approaches have failed. Ideal when you feel that you have ‘lost the plot’ with stress, and can’t think your way around the situation, or are grieving, in shock, or overwhelmed. I rest my hands on your body working from head to toe, you feel warmth and relax deeply. Universal Energy is drawn upon by you, and helps you.

Ear Candling £40 used for problems of the ears, sinuses, nose and throat. Spring and Summer bring Hay Fever, Autumn heralds the SINUS and COLD season, candles help enormously. High smog levels causing irritation, wax related deafness, Tinnitus, Hay Fever, Sinus Congestion and catarrh being the top of the list. Pressure regulation for flyer's and diver's, perfect to prepare for or rectify holiday scenarios , Stress and headaches are relieved too. Acupressure points around the ears face and neck are massaged to complement the candling and extend the benefits. A whole and mesmerising treatment.

Bolster the value of your time with me by having these two readings taken. Heart disease can lie hidden until revealed by a reading of pulse, or blood pressure. Arrhythmia's- pulses of irregular pattern, potential thyroid disorder, excess caffeine, anxiety , stress, muscular tension, pain, infection, hormone imbalance and many other situations may bring about changes that are imperceptible to you, but can be identified by manual pulse readings.Home machines give you a number, but not the characteristics. Come for a 15 minute appointment to check BP and Pulse and receive advice £15. Waist measurement now included and is considered a true risk factor indicator for cardiovascular disease potential.

Do you know what the safe levels are for men and women in waist size, and that it directly affects the risk of Cardiovascular Disease, diabetes and cholesterol.... More favoured  as a risk assessor then the BMI readings by some schools of thought.

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Reflexology
ITEC July 1998 (Credit Pass)
Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) - Basic. Lynne Booth January 2002
Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) - Advance. Lynne Booth January 2002
Maternity Reflexology Seminar. Association of Reflexologists September 2005
Massage Therapy
Pregnancy Massage Certificate  April 2015 London School of Massage
Diploma in Anatomy Physiology & Massage. ITEC June 1997 (Credit Pass)
Certificate in Reiki 1. SCOLA October 2000
Reiki Second Degree. Beverley Cox May 2001
Hopi-Ear Candling
Thermo-Auricular Therapy Diploma. Lincs School of Holistic Therapies November 2001
Stress Management
Bereavement Counsellor Training. MBS 1995
Certificate in Counselling Skills - Health. RSA August 1996
Diploma in Stress Management. ITEC December 1999. (Credit Pass)
Manicure & Pedicure
Manicure & Pedicure. ITEC Record of Achievement (ITEC Diploma Unit 11) July 2008
Registered Nurse
Registered General Nurse. Dartford & Gravesham School of Nursing June 1980
Practised in NHS for 11 years, private sector for 3 years. Ward Sister/Teacher

Other available therapies

Ear Candling  - Thermo-auricular Therapy
Stress Management both Personal, and Corporate.
Delivering Talks, Seminars, group sessions, for Charity, Organisations.
Blood Pressure and Pulse analysis. Waist measurement and risk factors
Office based therapies - 'Officeologies' and Stress Management within the workplace
Nail trimming and shaping for elderly and debilitated.

Photos & videos

  • Christmas at my Practice
  • Foot Health Centre at the Coulsdon Yulefest
  • Reindeers can be Reflexologists' too


Gift VOUCHERS 60 minute with a selection of choices within          £40
General Tariff
Each session of 60 minutes                                                                      £40
First session is up to 90 minutes to allow for a full consultation, no extra fee

Massage Therapy
60 minute head to toe  NO BIKINI AREAS                                               £40

60 minute appt                                                                                         £40

Ear Candling - Thermo-Auricular Therapy
Appts approximately 60 minutes.                                                             £40

Indian Head Massage/Acupressure Chair Massage
30 minutes of treatment                                                                            £30

COMBINATION TREATMENTS                                                                 £50
60 minutes of 30 min Massage therapy/ 30 min Reflexology
60 minutes of 30 min Massage therapy/ 30 min Reiki
60 minutes of 30 min Reflexology/30 min Reiki
A La Carte combinations by design and request poa

BLOOD PRESSURE AND PULSE ANALYSIS The Health Check                                             £15.00
Manual pulse readings can pick up irregularities that cannot be reported on 'home machines'.
Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, and many more rhythms that can be present without your awareness but need medical treatment. Blood Pressure can reflect much about you too. A machine cannot ask you what is going on in your life, or advise you.


Further information


May 2015

Treatment: relaxation massage/back massage/full massage

> Self-care is hard to prioritise in a busy work and travel schedule so stepping into Peta's care is welcome respite, providing essential nourishment for body and mind. Peta invites you into a relaxing ambience, easing away emotional and physical tension. Stimulating and energising your whole being with her professional touch, Peta prepares you to step back out into the world again with a renewed sense of inner calm and peace.

From Eric. Global Business traveller

May 2015 from Ivy Aged 80

Dear Peta, you really are so very good at putting people at their ease, making them

relaxed to enjoy their treatment. I always feel uplifted as I walk away after my reflexology session!

From Leanne, aged 25

I have been seeing Peta for a year now. She has supported me through periods of stress, depression, bereavement and fertility problems. She has always been caring and understanding of my needs, and taken the time to identify the right treatment for me. I have had combination treatments of reiki and reflexology, and found them both deeply relaxing and effective ways to balance my energy and mood. Most recently I have also had pregnancy massage with Peta. She is extremely knowledgable about a wide range of women's health issue. I would recommend her highly as a safe and trustworthy pair of hands.

Testimonial for Peta Gilbert

13, St. Mary’s Street, Stamford PE9 2DE

June 2014
To Whom it may concern

Working Health provides employee wellbeing services across the UK and across all industry sectors.

Peta has worked for Working Health over a number of years, representing the company in a variety of settings as part of a team delivering client health awareness days and health fairs. These have typically been local authority and Government department sites.

Peta has provided Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reiki delivered to all levels of staff. Her treatments and interactions have always drawn very positive comments from users and the clients always comment on the feedback they have had in relation to Peta’s depth of advice and aftercare recommendations.

Peta is highly competent in her field and extremely reliable and professional. She displays an admirable level of flexibility in relation to service delivery and supporting Working Health in its assignments.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Holmes

Managing Partner, Working Health

Peta has successfully treated me for a long standing back complaint stemming from a sports injury some years ago. I was sceptical at first that reflexology would be able to help but I have to say it really does work and I am virtually pain free even after playing sport.
Mr V from Sutton

We employ Peta Gilbert to provide massage treatments to some of our Council Office clients on their Well Being Days. If numbers dictate, she sometimes brings along a colleague, of equal skill and likeability to treat people during their working day, either at their desk, or in a pop-up clinic way, using a massage chair. Quiet, adaptable and effective in 15 minutes, the feedback is always positive, tension’s are eased, morale is raised, and employer’s find a practical way to demonstrate care for their staff.

Richard Holmes
Head of Employee Wellbeing,
Medigold Health Consultancy Ltd

Personal Endorsement: June 2014

Peta has been wonderfully supportive over the years. Her knowledge and skill has led to her successfully treating me for a long standing back complaint stemming from a sports injury some years ago. I was sceptical at first that reflexology would be able to help but I have to say it really does work and has restored my mobility and allows me to play sport to a competitive level.

Mr V from South Sutton

Corporate Endorsement June 2014

Please see below my testimonial for you and your service to our council over the years. Feel free to use this and I have no problem with you using my name as you wish and hope all goes well. Mr A Viccari

For a number of years as part of an occupational health and wellbeing initiative, I worked with Peta on a program of taster sessions to introduce staff to the potential benefits of complimentary therapy as part of health, wellbeing and stress management. As part of this program Peta provided therapies for staff and those staff who took up the sessions found them incredibly beneficial and some took up follow-up appointments to treat ongoing conditions. Peta is able to tailor a range of treatments and therapies into corporate packages to suit including Reflexology, health awareness and stress management.  Highly recommended.

A Local Authority corporate head of Health and Safety

Hi Peta,

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you again for all your kind help on Friday. We raised £450 for CRASH, a large chunk of that was due to your help.

As well as the beautifully relaxing massages, I heard a lot of people commenting on how tasty your pies were!

Thank  you,

Avril Challoner PhD B.Eng Hons H.Dip AMIEnvSc.

Peta has provided therapies and taster sessions as part of our corporate wellbeing program for staff. Those staff who took up the sessions found them incredibly beneficial and some took up follow-up appointments to treat ongoing conditions. Peta provides a range of corporate packages to suit including awareness and stress management. Well worth considering.
A Local Authority H&S Manager

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Wallington, SM6 8LW

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Mon and weds 9-9 TUES/THURS/FRI 3-5 Visits, Saturdays, after 5pm ( +£5- £10). All APPT ONLY at Wallington Practice. Healthsheild client's welcome. NHS STAFF 25% discount.

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