Olwen Edwards MSTAT

Olwen Edwards MSTAT

One Small Key and End Back Pain Today
The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre
Hopwood Lane
West Yorkshire

01422 321077 / 07759 804169

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One Small Key and End Back Pain Today
The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre
Hopwood Lane
West Yorkshire

01422 321077 / 07759 804169

About me

Have you tried lots of things to help you change habits of a Olwen's%20onesmallkey%20logo.jpglifetime? I have. The most effective, simple, practical, lasting one I found was the Alexander Technique. And you can do it anywhere, any time and no-one knows you are doing it. You get to rely on and trust yourself to know what you need in the moment to remain in poise, balance, maintain feeling comfortable in yourself. That's why I spent the time and cost of 3 years full time training at the equivalent of University undergraduate level as a Teacher and have been teaching it to others for the last 10 years.

If you ask my clients how the Alexander Technique has helped them, no two will say the same thing about the benefits, but all agree it works, is practical, easy to understand even fun and you get to remain fully clothed too!
They realise they are investing in themselves learning skills for life which will help as they mature.

How might you benefit? Some examples of my Clients are:

- In chronic pain: back, knee, neck, shoulder, rsi, whiplash after a car accident, arthritis, cerebral palsy, Parkinsons and depression who have found relief when they had been told there was nothing else that could be done.

The NHS Clinical trial on chronic back pain proves most patients went from 21 days a month in pain to just 3 after 24 sessions, down to 10 days after 6 sessions, which relief continued one year on.
Participants liked the support of their Teacher, the fact there were no exercises to do, you just integrate the Technique into daily life as you sit, stand walk . No one even knows you are using the Technique. Clients remain fully clothed in their sessions.
As the results are so good, NICE has approved the Alexander Tecnnique for persistent lower back pain when taught by a Registered Teacher.

- Office and other workers who have to deal with usual negative stress in their workplaces which can lead to pain and musculoskeletal problems who learn to cope better in very small practical ways they control and use as they go

- Performers who need to improve posture, co-ordination, performance results: a national youth squad windsurfer who started to beat his competition after only 6 sessions, public speakers who have to deal with nerves, an international opera singer who improved remarkably and felt he had "at last become who he was meant to be", a performance artist, a couple of horse riders who were able to use less and less unnecessary effort to communicate what they wished to with the horse, business owners who wish to change errors they habitually make in their business that are costly and want to improve their leadership ability, a fell runner who said after his course of sessions he was running so well and so fast he now found it hard to stop!

- In need of personal growth and balance to change their habits of a lifetime having become unhappy/stuck in a rut who went on to find new interests in and for life

- Couples who find their relationships rekindling, growing more interesting as they experience themselves and each other in new and interesting ways

- Under 5 (with cerebral palsy) and over 85 with wobblyness and loss of confidence, falling after an illness leading to potential isolation and loneliness through not wanting to go out. Great challenges with their mobility, balance met with wonderful spirit, courage and improvement in the quality of their lives beyond their expectations and  noticed spontaneously by their loved ones

I receive referrals from physiotherapists, chiropracters, acupuncturists, homeopaths, massage therapists.

What I particularly love about the Alexander Technique, is you do not need to put time aside to practice, you do it as you go, anywhere, any time and no-one knows you are doing it. You get to be in control and help yourself. You can tell what works for you. There is no long term continual dependence on someone else.

A little more about Olwen

Qualified Solicitor, Legal trainer, Citizen Journalist interested in communication and doing what works.

Favourite quote "Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions
" (Ken Blanchard)

Training, qualifications & experience

Teaching the Alexander Technique has been so very enjoyable since I completed my 3 year full time training at undergraduate degree equivalent level training in 2002. I trained in Leeds at NETCAT attending daily each term from 1999-2002 on a STAT approved training course. STAT members have extensive undergraduate degree level training in the Alexander Technique and anatomy appropriate to the practice of the Alexander Technique in the UK. I am a STAT Registered Teacher holding the MSTAT qualification. We are DBS certified, have Professional Indemnity Insurance, adhere to the STAT code of conduct, and engage in CPD.

My basis for teaching is through lots of feedback - verbally (both ways); with my hands on the Client; using a mirror so the Client can see what I mean.
This is part of my "one small key" basis.
In each session I focus on one small thing the Client can do now to make the most difference to what they have come to me for.

At the end of the session, I ask  "What one small thing will you take away from today to work on as part of your daily activities to help yourself?"

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  • The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre


One to one sessions           £45     first session £60

A Couple in one session     £60,    first session £90

Taster sessions                  £25 per person for a 2 hour session in a group (6 people max)

Small groups                      £25 per person for a 2 hour session (6 people max)

Seminars/training days for Commercial and Professional organisations please contact me to discuss your needs and I will then quote

Interactive Talks with groups and practical tips on The Alexander Technique:

  • Commercial organisations and Professional Groups

          please contact me to discuss your needs and I will then quote               

  • Social type groups

         £50- £100 depending on group size & length of talk

  • Not for Profit and Charities  

         usually free of charge

Further information

You are most welcome to call or email me to discuss your requirements and any concerns.

There is free parking in the carpark opposite The Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre. Directions and a map are on my www.endbackpain.today website.

Client Testimonials

"Since having regular Alexander Technique lessons with Olwen for the DSC00004.JPGpast 18 months, not only have my creaky hips stopped creaking - because I now understand what I need to do to prevent this, but my whole posture has improved to a degree I would never have thought possible. I was stunned when I saw a photograph taken at my mother's 90th birthday lunch to realise how well I was sitting - and with no conscious effort on my part! With improved posture has come even more confidence because I feel more 'comfortable in my own skin' and ready to embrace life's changes and challenges."
Brenda Hodgson owns Blackwood Communications (PR and Communications) and is a freelance features writer at Sign-Link Magazine.

After being involved in a road traffic accident in 1997 in which I broke my C2 vertebra and had to spend 16 weeks wearing a halo,Screen%20shot%202012-09-07%20at%2011.10. I spent many years trying numerous treatments including Physiotherapy, Reiki and Craniosacral therapy tocombat the daily aching in my shoulders and frequent headaches which resulted from my neck injury.  All these treatments only seemed to bring short term relief and within days the aches and pain returned.  My beautician said that she had recently been having Alexander Technique lessons with Olwen and recommended that I try them.

Just a few weeks of lessons later I felt significantly better. Not only was I suffering fewer headaches but my shoulders held less tension and I was sitting much better at work.  Being sat behind a computer all day was only adding to the problems I was having from injuries.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Alexander Technique has transformed life for me and has mental as well as physical benefits. I have also met with Olwen at her office in Halifax on a number of occasions now for advice and guidance on improving other aspects of my life and have recommended lessons to others as I feel we could all benefit from a bit of Alexander Technique.
Johanna Grunwell Ripponden, West Yorkshire Sales Administrator (office based)

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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Monday to Saturday 10-8 by appointment only.

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