Noemie Perkins MFHT

Noemie Perkins MFHT

Market Drayton

The Back and Body Care Clinic
St Mary's Street
TF10 7AF

01952 825042 / 07709 119880

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Market Drayton

The Back and Body Care Clinic
St Mary's Street
TF10 7AF

01952 825042 / 07709 119880

About me

I am a Reflexologist based in Newport, Shropshire. I specialise in Preconception, Pregnancy and post natal care. I also offer baby reflex and family reflexology workshops as well as reflexology for cancer abd palliative care and the new, groundbreaking Reflexology Lymph Drainage treatments. Appointments are available from The Back and Body Care Clinic, St Mary's Street, Newport, or home appointments around Telford, Newport and Market Drayton.

If you want to learn more about Reflexology, or find out how Reflexology treatments could help you and your family, simply give me a ring or visit my website and blog.

What is Reflexology? How can it Help me?

Used alongside other therapies, and without ignoring medical advice, Reflexology can contribute to the ease or improvement of:

Stress-related conditions / Back Pain / IBS / Sleep Disorders / Depression and Anxiety / Headaches / pre conception, pregnancy and post natal care / Hormonal Imbalances / Arthritis.

Reflexology is a method of compression of the reflexes found in the feet believed to be related to different zones in the body. Reflexology encourages relaxation, improves circulation. Reflexology helps the body to balance and heal itself through a nervous response from the pressure applied to the reflexes and from the elimination of toxins in the body. Reflexology can provide energy as well as relieving stress. Reflexology is also a fantastic form of preventive healthcare. Reflexology helps you to know your body better and to learn to listen to its needs. Most people will find they are more relaxed and will feel an improvement on their overall well being. Clients will often sleep well following a Reflexology Treatment.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

RLD is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. It is a unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay BSc(Hons), whilst working in Cancer Care.
The results appear to support the theory of reflexology.

The main aim of this new ground breaking purpose specific reflexology treatment is to help reduce the swelling/lymphodoemas that can appear following (breast) cancer for example. But as it encourages the body's lymphatic system to function naturally, it may also help relieve the symptoms of astma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, ME, low immune system, chronic infections, headaches, PMS...

Reflexology for Cancer and Palliative Care:

Using the most gentle and therapeutic techniques (linking, creative imagery, Energetic Field Reflexology, lower leg lymphatic massage...), specialised reflexology for cancer and palliative care can help improve the quality of life of the cancer patient (including his/her physical, emotional and psychological well being) whilst supporting the treatments and care he/she is already receiving.

Some possible benefits of using reflexology in palliative care:
- Can help to relieve anxiety, stress and depression
- Can help improve sleep
- Often found to help in reducing pain (see Watts, 2010)
- Can help boost the immune system
- May help reduce ankle oedemas
- Non-invasive, practical and adaptable
- Allows for either quiet relaxation or communication
- Helps balance the body
- Can boost energy levels and improve a sense of well being

Reflexology can also be of benefit to the families/carers of people with cancer.

Shorter, more regular treatments are usually required to suit the needs of people with cancer or undergoing/recovering from cancer treatments. An individual treatment plan can be worked out following initial consultation and assessment. Liaison with other health professionals and carers is very welcome, even recommended.Should they wish to and at no extra charge, carers may want to follow the therapist's direction and guidance to learn simple soothing and relieving reflexology techniques to use in between the therapist visits, therefore increasing the overall benefits of the treatment plan set out.

Reflexology for Conception, Pregnancy, Labour, and post natal care

I have received specialised training from Louise Keete (principal of the London School of Reflexology and reknown author of The Reflexology Bible) and obtained the Reflexology Diploma in Preconception, Pregnancy and Post natal care. The specialised reflexology treatments I am able to offer my clients can help in various ways.

  • Phase 1: Preparing a healthy, balanced environment for conception
  • Phase 2: Encouraging ovulation.
  • Phase 3: Pregnancy care from week 14-38.
  • Phase 4: Encouraging a natural onset of labour, week 38 on.
  • Phase 5: Reflexology for post natal care

Pre conception and prelabour reflexology is not a one off miracle pill, but rather a natural method of working in partnership with your body. After your first consultation, I will give you a clear treatment plan including the costs and time requirements involved. Specialised preconception reflexology is not meant to be given as a one off treatment and will not give results in that way. Great savings are available when purchasing several treatments and I will endeavour to help any client achieve their plan, both in the care I will provide as well as its cost.

Baby Reflex

As a qualified Baby Reflex practitioner, I will be able to offer parents and guardians group or individual Baby reflex classes. Each affordable course includes 3 sessions running between 1 and 2 hours and covering " Feeding and Digestion", "Sleeping/Comforting", "Well being" and gives each parent/guardian soothing and calming solutions at their fingertips! Contact me to find out if there is a class running in your area. You can also host a workshop from home for you and 3-5 other mums, and receive a free Reflexology treatment gift voucher.

For more details, see

Family Reflexology workshops

Reflexology amongst members of a same family can be a fun way to bond and get together. Children can also learn the basics of foot massage and even the most technical reflexology techniques! The peer to peer reflexology workshops I offer are fun, accessible and a valuable investment for your family.

As your Reflexologist, I will be there every step of the way. I will teach you and your family, over a set amount of sessions, the basic and principles of reflexology as well as ways to record your observations and results, I will train you to one or a few specific reflexology routines in accordance to the plan set up, I will offer follow up and occasional treatments and consultations after the end of the workshop.

Tasters and Events

Many of you have probably heard about Reflexology but don't know exactly what its benefits can be. A full treatment might seem too expensive and you are not sure what to expect. This is why I offer Reflexology Tasters to suit a variety of occasions, such as parties, fayres and fetes and other fundraising events.

Reflexology Tasters' prices vary depending on event and/or location, group size. They can be enjoyed on a variety of venues. Host a party at home or contact me for any fundraising events. Demonstrations and mini workshops can also be included when booking a taster event.

Gift Vouchers

Reflexology treatments gift vouchers from make the perfect gift. Offer individual treatments, courses of treatments or treat your friends or loved ones to a tailored family reflexology workshop. Contact your specialised reflexologist in Telford and Newport, Noemie Perkins (MFHT)

Training, qualifications & experience

- Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, VTCT - June 2010
- Reflexology Diploma in Pre-conception, pregnancy and post natal care, The London School of Reflexology (Principal Louise Keete) - September 2011
-Baby Reflex for therapists, Jenny Lee (Founder of Baby Reflex) - October 2012
- Reflexology Lymph Drainage, by Sally Kay (Bsc Hons)- July 2014
- Reflexology for Cancer and Palliative Care (David Wayte, Principal of the Jubilee College and Director of Professional Reflexology)

Member organisations


Therapies offered

Other available therapies

Specialised Reflexology for Pregnancy
Specialised Reflexology for Conception
Specialised Reflexology for Cancer and Palliative Care
Family Reflexology workshops
Baby Reflex Workshops
Reflexology Lymph Drainage


- 1 Treatment (45 mins + consultation) = £30
- 3 treatments = £80
- 6 Treatments = £150
- Pre-conception 1st Appointment = £35.00
-Baby Reflex classes= Typically between £45-£95 / course of 3 classes. Cost will depend on venues.
-Shorter 20-25 minutes treatments (to include consultation) for cancer and palliative care: £20

Further information

Find me on Facebook at for weekly updates, articles and videos on well being, Reflexology and other therapies.

Newport is a lovely and picturesque shopping town near Telford in Shropshire. It is easily accessible via the A41. Why not enjoy the cafes, restaurants and shops in Newport before or after your reflexology treatment.

There is ample free parking options within a few minutes walk from the Back and Body Care Clinic, situated at the top of the famous cobbled street by St Mary's Church.

Home visits are also a very popular option, providing comfort and relaxation in a familiar setting.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Market Drayton, TF9
Newport, TF10 7AF

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: French, Spanish


Clinic Appointments: -Wednesdays 9.30-3pm -Every First Saturday of each month 9-1pm Mobile Appointments: -Mondays and Tuesdays 9-3 -Thursdays 9-12

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