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Karen will visit you in the sanctuary of your own home and offers 'Mums Bruce%20and%20I.jpgand Mums to Be' therapeutic massages: Pregnancy (pre and post natal), Swedish, Aromatherapy, Remedial & Sports. As well as teaching both Labour and Baby massage techniques.

Private / group classes are also available for Labour and Baby massage tuition. My Bunny Boo is passionate about teaching you the necessary massage techniques so that you can massage Mum and Baby with confidence.

If you are looking for one on one tuition or a group forum (NCT, Mums, Carers, Dads, Grandparents) then we can put something together to suit all needs. You decide on what is going to be right for you.

Additional information about the range of holistic massages available:

Pregnancy Massage
Is a wonderful grounding experience which helps an expectant woman relax, supports her body during a period of physiological change and helps to prepare the whole body for birth

Pregnancy can put a strain on the body and massage therapy can often relieve many of those common side effects, whether you suffer from backaches, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), headaches, oedema, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel or other pregnancy related problems. During the end of pregnancy many women find that there is plenty to do preparing for the baby's arrival but it is an important time for you to relax and enjoy the last weeks of carrying your baby. Massage provides a special time for you to unwind and helps you focus on your body and baby. Oh, pregnancy massage doesn’t always have to include massaging your bump - you decide.

Massage is good for baby too. Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by the stress levels experienced by its mother.  Massage has an indirect effect on the baby as the mother releases oxytocin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation. Generally the more relaxed a mother feels during pregnancy, the more relaxed pregnancy and birth is likely to be.

Massage for Labour
Advice is available to couples on various labour massage and breathing techniques. The benefits of massage will help release pain relieving hormones called endorphins and will help minimise the secretion of adrenaline, which is responsible for speeding up the heart rate. It will also help loosen muscles which are working hard with contractions. As well as boosting circulation which helps bring vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Your birthing partner will have an essential part to play with the labour as they will be helping with not just the physical but also the emotional aspects, lessening the anxiety.

Post Natal Massage
Being a new Mum, your body is going through so many changes and your focus is more than likely on your baby rather than yourself. When I was first pregnant, I was given unlimited information about what to expect during pregnancy and delivery. I attended classes about how to care for my new arrival. But no one told me what to expect after delivery, or how to care for myself in the months that would follow. The postpartum period, described by some as the "fourth trimester," is a magical time, but it is also a period of guaranteed fatigue, anxiety and physical discomfort for new mothers. It is so essential that you find some time for you. Many new mums experience back problems, tight neck and shoulders due to caring for their new bundle of joy and emotional ups and downs. Massage therapy can help you in all these areas; it can also promote sleep – not that you be experiencing much of that.

Swedish Massage
A soothing and relaxing massage therapy that promotes oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, it also assists in clearing toxins and increasing circulation to the heart. This massage is ideal for relaxation and stress relief.

Remedial Massage
Is a therapeutic massage using deep tissue techniques to resolve special muscular concerns related to chronic stress patterns, overwork and tension…always great for relieving points of tension i.e. tight shoulders and necks.

Aromatherapy Massage
Is a natural therapies treatment using specialised massage technique; incorporating acupressure, lymphatic drainage and facial massage… essential oils are individually chosen for your treatment, bringing about a curative and restorative effect to your mental, emotional and physical being. This blissful treatment lasts for an hour and a half and will leave you feeling like you're floating on air.

Sports Massage
Incorporates the study of massage with a specific focus on sports injury; prevention and treatment… so don’t push on if you’re in pain.

Baby Massage
The postpartum period, described by some as the "fourth trimester," is a magical time, but it is also a period of guaranteed fatigue, anxiety and physical changes for new mothers and babies.

Babies spend the first three trimesters in the save comfort of the womb, to then experience being born into an alien environment of noise, light and climate changes. They crave the closeness of their mother for comfort, so massage is one of those ways that you can give them what they really need.

Many new parents would love to learn how to massages their baby in this MMB-page-001.jpgearly period and prefer to do this in the save and warm environment of their own home. My Bunny Boo is passionate about teaching you the necessary massage techniques so that you can massage Baby with confidence. If you are looking for one on one tuition or a group forum (NCT, Mums, Carers, Dads, Grandparents) then we can put something together to suit all needs. You decide on what is going to be right for you.

Did you know that when you give and receive massage your body releases a chemical called oxytocin aka the 'love' chemical. This is why massage is equally enjoyable and soothing experience for you both.

The key benefits to baby massage are not just physical but also emotional; it also helps baby with their cognitive development and to build social skills:

A time to bond - this is a relaxing experience for both of you and helps improve communication
Assists baby with their sleep, generally they will cry less and be less stressed
Helps with teething pains
Assists the digestive system and gives relief form colic and constipation
Aids chesty colds as improves respiration
Stimulates the endocrine system, which assists with weight gain and growth
Encourages a healthy immunity but eliminating waste via the lymph system
Promotes neurological development
Stimulates baby’s physiological development as massage improves baby’s flexibility, mobility and balance
Stimulates the senses and boosts baby’s sense of self and body awareness
Oils used can help with dry skin, eczema and cradle cap.

Recommended starting age is from three weeks to crawling age.

'Charlie' the massage doll is used to demonstrate the massage techniques, providing you with the necessary skills to confidently massage your baby.

Training, qualifications & experience

You can relax knowing that you are in skilled hands. Karen is a full member of NAMMT (National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists) and fully insured to teach Baby Massage and give Pregnancy, Remedial, Sports, Swedish and Aromatherapy Massages.

Karen Stacey is the owner of My Bunny Boo; she became a Mum and her whole life changed. Prior to this she had a successful corporate career both in London and Sydney. Whilst living in Australia, Karen became interested in alternative therapies and studied for 3 years with the NSW School of Massage, obtaining qualifications in Remedial, Sports, Swedish and Aromatherapy Massages, she then worked in this field for a year before returning back to the UK in 2007. She continues to undertake a min of 20 CPD points each year, within the last couple of years those studies have included pregnancy and baby massage qualifications.

In 2009 Karen was expecting her son and struggling to find a therapist in the Ipswich area both qualified and insured in pregnancy and baby massage. There was a gap in the market; so she thought why not combine the two and offer both a mum and baby mobile massage service; hence the My Bunny Boo concept was born.

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Massage / 1 to 1 tuition rates
£40 - for 1 hour
£55 - for 1.5 hours
£65 - for 2 hours
Save money pay £160 for 5 one hour sessions = 1 free massage

Baby massage course £35.00 per person*
Consisting of 5 x 1 hour sessions
* Min of 4 per group - for groups larger than 4 people discounts apply.

Gift vouchers are also available and make a great gift for new Mums.

Please give at least 24 hours notice if cancelling an appointment or a fee of the half the amount will be incurred.

Further information

For more information / pricing please take a look at the My Bunny Boo website or feel free to contact Karen on 07774078029 or

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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