Martina Hinds

2 The Mews
Flaxton Road
YO32 5UL

The York Clinic
296 Tadcaster Road
YO24 1ET

01904 709 688 / 07729 497471

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2 The Mews
Flaxton Road
YO32 5UL

The York Clinic
296 Tadcaster Road
YO24 1ET

01904 709 688 / 07729 497471

About me

I practice both the Bowen Technique and the EMMETT Technique and am registered with the Bowen Therapists Professional Association and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. My initial Bowen training was with European College of Bowen Studies in 2006 but over the years my Bowen practice has evolved as a result of incorporating different variants of Bowen.

After training in Fascia Bowen in 2011, I set up one of the first Bowen Children’s Clinic in the North East treating children with health-related issues and disabilities, mainly spectrum disorders; tourettes; cerebral palsy; asthma; stress and bed wetting.

I added the EMMETT Technique into my therapy toolkit in 2014 and the additional EMMETT head-to-toe lymphatic drainage treatment which is a very gentle, non-invasive and relaxing treatment and a favourite with many of my clients. In addition, I regularly attend training courses to make sure I keep my knowledge and skills up to date, allowing all customers to benefit from recent advances in both therapies.

EMMETT and Bowen may help you overcome physical discomfort, tension, and pain or manage a chronic health condition. These gentle and non-invasive therapies could help you get out of pain and back into action.

Whilst running the children’s’ clinic I developed an interest in researching the gut-brain link (mainly in spectrum disorder children) and this knowledge I share with families trying to cope or improve the quality of life for their children and family.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to practice Bowen and EMMETT. It’s a joy and a pleasure to treat a client and for them to leave my clinic feeling better and happier than when they arrived.

Training, qualifications & experience

Bowen Technique (ECBS): October 2007

Fascia Bowen Level 2 with Howard Plummer: February 2012

Emmett Technique: December 2014 - now up to level EP3

Emm-Tech Tutor - first aid for muscles course: February 2015

Laughter Yoga Teacher: July 2014

Laughter Yoga Leader: July 2013

Adult Ed Teaching

BSc Computing Degree

Member organisations

Registered / Accredited


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Therapies offered

Other available therapies

Bowen Technique
EMM-Tech Tutor
Laughter Yoga Leader
Laughter Yoga Teacher
Laughter Exercise
Laughter Therapy
Emmett Technique
Emmett Therapy
Lymphatics Drainage
Breath awareness techniques

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Adults: £45.

Cancellation policy. Missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours incur the full treatment fee.

Children up to age 16 yrs: £25

Babies: £10

Further information

The Bowen Technique and Fascia Bowen

The Bowen Technique is a gentle soft tissue therapy involving no adjustment or manipulation to gain results. During a treatment, a series of anatomically placed moves ensure the connective tissue which surrounds all organs and muscles in the body is relaxed and the muscles are working in the correct combination and length.

Many therapies focus on full contact, adjustment, deep massage, manipulation or muscle stretching. The approach with the Bowen Technique is subtler – with the correct cues, the brain has the ability to sort out its own problems and reset functional errors.  The treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing. Clients report experiencing pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy. Bowen is safe for all ages from a newborn baby suffering with colic symptoms through to an elderly person with arthritis.  There are no know contra indications.

Fascia Bowen moves are performed using an even lighter touch than the familiar Bowen moves but are equally as effective. It is a gentler alternative to the standard Bowen treatment for clients who are in severe pain, managing stress or a chronic health condition.  The treatment is deeply relaxing and when treating children in clinic, parents and carers alike report an improvement in symptoms of childhood ailments after having a Fascia Bowen treatment.  They notice better posture; balance; co-ordination; healthier children with better concentration; improvement in sleeping patterns; enhanced motor control and behaviour leading to quieter and happier children.

Bowen has been observed to help with:

  • acute or chronic back pain
  • chronic fatigue
  • digestive issues, sluggish bowels
  • general aches or pains
  • general relaxation and body balancing
  • headaches
  • jaw discomfort e.g. TMJ, TMD
  • shoulder or elbow pain or limited range of movement
  • recovery from injuries e.g. work, sports or accidents such as whiplash
  • respiratory issues e.g. asthma or hayfever
  • sciatica
  • stress; anxiety

The EMMETT Technique

The EMMETT Technique
is an ‘Outcome Focused Therapy’ using a combination of direct pressure and gentle switches to release specific muscle groups, unlocking muscle memory allowing your body to return to a state of balance. Most clients recognise improvements in pain levels and range of movement before leaving clinic.

A simple way of explaining how EMMETT moves work on the body is to use the analogy of electrics tripping out. Imagine the body as an electrical circuit. Overworked muscles overload and trip out and need a reset switch to restore normal functionality.

EMMETT has been observed to help clients with issues such as:

  • Back and hip discomfort
  • Neck and shoulder restriction and discomfort
  • Knee and ankle restrictions
  • Persistent heel and foot pain
  • Lymphatic and sinus congestion
  • Migraines or cluster headaches
  • Breathing restrictions
  • Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort
  • Discomfort during and after pregnancy
  • Fluid retention
  • Balance issues
  • Managing pain associated with a condition e.g. fibromyalgia pain

The EMMETT Lymphatic Drainage method provides a very gentle and deeply relaxing treatment which assists the body in clearing toxins and reducing fluid retention. The EMMETT method is non-invasive or painful. Regular treatments may assist clients choosing to seek an integrative approach to managing their own health issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Low immunity
  • Congestion
  • Post viral bacterial infection
  • Deep relaxation
  • Sinus conditions
  • Fluid retention
  • Sluggish bowels
  • Lack of energy
  • Sluggish lymphatic system

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Stransall, YO32 5UL
York, YO24 1ET

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


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