Martina Hinds cert ECBS, MBTPA, CNHC

Imagine Physiotherapy Clinic
Hillside Practice
Windermere Drive
North Yorkshire
TS12 2TG


07729 497471

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Imagine Physiotherapy Clinic
Hillside Practice
Windermere Drive
North Yorkshire
TS12 2TG


07729 497471

About me

I am an Emmett and Bowen Therapist, Laughter Yoga Leader, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Emm-Tech Tutor.

I'm registered with both the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) and Complementary National Healthcare Council (CNHC).

I operate 2 Emmett and Bowen Technique therapy pain clinics and an Emmett Lymphatics Drainage Clinic in Skelton, Cleveland North Yorkshire.

Laughter Yoga classes can be arranged in a local area if there is sufficient demand.

Classes currently run every Friday at 10am at Skelton Civic Centre, North Yorkshire. £3.00 per class

Training, qualifications & experience

Bowen Technique (ECBS): October 2007

Fascia Bowen Level 2 with Howard Plummer: February 2012

Emmett Technique: December 2014 - now up to level EP3

Emm-Tech Tutor - first aid for muscles course: February 2015

Laughter Yoga Teacher: July 2014

Laughter Yoga Leader: July 2013

Adult Ed Teaching

BSc Computing Degree

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Laughter Yoga Leader
Laughter Yoga Teacher
Laughter Exercise
Laughter Therapy
Emmett Technique
Emmett Therapy
Lymphatics Drainage

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Adults: £40.

Cancellation policy. Missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours incur the full treatment fee.

Children up to age 16 yrs: £20

Babies: £10

Laughter Yoga classes - community charge rates according to venues and class numbers

Further information

So what exactly is the Bowen Technique?
The Bowen Technique is a soft tissue therapy suitable for both adults and children from all walks of life and provides an alternative to physiotherapy. The Bowen Technique doesn’t use adjustment or manipulation. Instead through the use of anatomically placed moves the connective tissue surrounding organs and muscles is relaxed. This in turn ensures the muscles are working in the correct combination and length. With the body structure balanced, function will follow.

How is the Bowen Technique performed on me?
The therapist uses fingers and thumbs to make rolling moves over specific muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.  The aim is to trigger specific nerve endings which send neurological impulses to the brain. Bowen connects the brain directly to where the problem area is.  The stimulation is like pressing ‘reset’ and encourages the body’s natural healing process to resume. The work is very subtle, relaxing and gentle involving no hard or prolonged pressure.

Treatments are performed through light clothing and the client will lie on a therapy couch.  Clients unable to lie down can be given a treatment sitting in a chair or standing.

What is different about the Bowen Technique?
Treatments address the body as a whole rather than focus on a specific health issue or problem.  Extra procedures can be added in during a treatment to address presenting problems.

What should I expect during my treatment?
During a treatment, the therapist will perform a set of moves and then leave the room for a couple of minutes to allow the client to rest.  Rest breaks are a key feature of the Bowen Technique.  Breaks allow the body the opportunity to create a decision about what action (rebalancing and realignment) needs to be taken in response to the moves given.

How long will a treatment last and how many will I need?
Treatments last forty minutes to one hour.  New clients are advised to book a course of four to five treatments each spaced a week apart to give the body a chance to respond.  Most people will have responses within four to five sessions, even long standing chronic conditions may respond. Other conditions might need to be treated more often, but in either case it is recommended that clients return for regular treatments every six to eight weeks to maintain optimum health.  Clients prone to sports injuries may benefit from regular treatments to prevent injuries or improve sports performance.

Will I have any side effects?
Some clients react to treatments.  Symptoms may include tiredness, stiffness, flu like symptoms, headaches, or an increase in original symptoms.  Although these symptoms may be unpleasant, it shows that the body is responding to the treatment and that self-healing may be occurring. It is vital a client does not cease with a course of treatments in response to a strong reaction.  Moves during a treatment are so subtle that if the body reacts strongly it shows how powerful the Bowen Technique is and that further treatments are essential to aid the healing process.

Emmett Technique
The EMMETT Technique uses a combination of direct pressure and gentle switches to release specific muscle groups to allow your body to return to a state of balance. The results are often dramatic, and can be instantaneous, with most clients recognising the improvements in pain levels and range of movement before leaving the clinic. To read more about the EMMETT Technique

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga is a unique technique devised by Dr Madan Kataria, a doctor from India, whereby you can learn to “Laugh for no Reason”You don’t even need a sense of humour, no funny jokes or comedy programmes – just a willingness to laugh – and in the current climate everyone needs to laugh moreLaughter Yoga is a combination of Laughter Exercises with Yogic Breathing (pranayama), so that you increase the amount of oxygen in your body whilst being playful resulting in you feeling more healthy, energised and alive. This actually changes the physiology of your body so that you start to feel happierLaughter Yoga is generally done in groups – although it can be practiced alone.   When you make eye contact with someone and you are both willing to laugh, the laughter is multiplied.  However we do say that you can “Fake it, fake it till you make it”  because the body doesn’t know the difference between fake and genuine laughter, as long as you are willing to laugh you will experience the same health benefits and the laughter will become genuineLaughter Yoga started in a park in Mumbai in 1995 with just 5 participants, and now there are over 6,000 laughter clubs in 60 different countries – showing the willingness of the world to laugh together

What are the Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga?

75% of illnesses are stress related.  Laughter is a great stress buster for when we laugh Endorphins – happy hormones- go UP and the stress hormone cortisol comes down, leaving us feeling happier and more relaxed .

Children laughed 200 – 300 TIMES A DAY  and adults around 12 – 15.   Where have all our laughs gone and what is it we were laughing at when we were younger?  Not sophisticated jokes, but the sheer joy of being alive!

Here is a list of the health benefits of Laughter

Because we breathe in deeply and fill the lungs in order to laugh, this brings more oxygen into the boyd and ENERGISES THE LUNGS and respiratory system. This can help conditions such as asthma,  bronchitis etc. The increased circulation brings about a healthy glow to the face as all the cells receive extra blood, nourishing them and helping us to stay looking younger longer !  Laughter also brings a sparkle to the eye which is very attractive and which you can’t buy at a health spa!

BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Researchers at Linda Loma Medical Centre, Indiana State University and the National Cancer Centre in California  found that THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS BOOSTED by up to AN AMAZING 40% after laughter!  They compared test groups watching a funny video with a group who watched a boring tourist film and when the films were over, scientists took samples of the immune cells, known as natural killer cells and mixed them with cancer cells to see how effectively they attacked the disease.  They found that people who had laughed out loud had significantly healthier immune systems, enabling them to better fight disease and infection. The benefits of laughter remain in the body for a significant time after the laughter occurs.  Production of NK (natural Killer) cells is increased after a laughter session and these can help to control serious illnesses such as cancer and aids. Interferon – gamma  (IFN) significantly increased – IFN activates immunoglobulins and NK cells.  This helps to fight viruses and regulates cell growth. This could be very important in the research for cancer since it also fights against tumourus cells.

HEALTHY HEARTS   Recent research showed that our Hearts like a good laugh. Research Scientist at the University of Maryland in Baltimore showed funny videos to volunteers who were tested 160 times before, during and after watching the films. They found that when the subjects laughed  the blood flow increased through their body by 22%.  As we laugh the blood vessels in our body expand increasing blood flow and improving the circulatory system.  Conversely if people watch a tense movie such as Saving Private Ryan the blood vessels constrict reducing blood flow.  In 2006 The Laughter Network worked with the British Heart Foundation to organise a Laugh – A- Thon  to raise money for this charity as they realised that having a good laugh could help prevent heart disease.

TONES THE MUSCLES and  internal organs. Because muscle tone is improved it can go some way to helping us get a flat tummy!! The diaphragm which controls breathing deep in the lung area is stimulated and the inter costal muscles between the ribs are exercised.  1 minutes hearty laughter can have the same cardio vascular work out as 10 minutes on a rowing machine!  Activating the tummy muscles also stimulates digestion.

ENCOURAGES THE RELEASE OF ENDORPHINS which give us the FEEL GOOD FACTOR and often known as the Happy Hormones.  This is because Endorphins react in the brain in the same way that opiates do.  Endorphins are  ‘self made morphine” which brings about a natural high but it also works as a pain killer.

We are now seeing an increase in Clown Doctors who realise that Humour is Healing and so laughter is being used as a tool for pain management.  This first came to the public attention when Robin Williams played the real life Doctor in the Film “Patch Adams”

During Laughter blood pressure is increased but after a good laugh the resting rate is lower so blood pressure comes down after a laugh.

When you are stressed and produce the  stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, your body stops working normally as you are preparing for a “fight or flight” situation which may never arise.  At this time the digestive system, reproductive system, the muscle repair system and bone cell & tissue production stops working efficiently. Whilst in a situation of ‘Fight or Flight’ the  Immune System is depleted and we are less able to fight disease.  After laughter, cortisol and adrenaline levels come down and therefore this makes us  more relaxed, reduces depression and heightens the sense of well being and creativity.

LAUGHTER – ho ho ha ha ha?Laughter releases endorphins, giving us the ‘feel good factor’

  • Acts as aerobic exercise providing internal jogging”
  • Unleashes inhibitions, encourages better communication
  • Great team building tool for colleagues
  • Helps boost our immune system which fights disease
  • Tones muscles, improves respiration and circulation
  • Encourages positive thinking and creativity
  • Relaxes the whole body by reducing stress and tension or for more information.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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