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About me

I became involved in remedial massage after suffering an alarming series of severe back spasms, while sailing single handed. I was bombarded with conflicting advice from a variety of practitioners, and determined to find an effective evidence based answer for myself. I trained in Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage at the Devon Academy, and then studied Trigger Point Therapy with Jonathan Kuttner MD. I now specialise in Trigger Point Therapy and also offers a deeply relaxing holistic Swedish Massage using hot stones.

Trigger Point Therapy
If you suffer from persistent, recurring or continuing intermittent pain, it may well be caused by active trigger points. These can be switched off by Trigger Point Therapy giving instant relief. Sometimes these seemingly intractable aches and pains may have been endured for years. Aches and Pains are not an inevitable part of getting older. Trigger points are the key to much unexplained and misdiagnosed pain because many of them refer the pain to another location and mimic other symptoms. The pain in your neck may be caused by a trigger point in your shoulder, the pain between your eyes from one in your neck.


What conditions are treated?
I treat aches and pains caused by trigger points. Trigger points are frequently misdiagnosed, so unless you have a convincing diagnosis and effective treatment for your pain, it is worthwhile to be checked for trigger points. Common misdiagnoses include, frozen shoulder, migraine, carpal tunnel, slipped discs and tooth ache.

What is the evidence for Trigger Points?
Trigger Points and their referral patterns were mapped by Janet Travell MD and David Simons MD over 40 years of research fully published in 1999. Janet Travell was the White House doctor for JFK.

How do Trigger points cause pain?
A trigger point is a contraction in a small part of a muscle. Blood flow essentially stops in the immediate area. The resulting oxygen starvation and accumulation of waste products of metabolism irritate the trigger point which then responds by sending out pain signals until the brain institutes a policy of rest for the muscle. You stop using the muscle which then begins to shorten and tighten up.

Muscles that have been shortened frequently squeeze nearby nerves thus leading to many misdiagnoses. Two examples are piriformis syndrome when trigger points in the piriforrmis muscle in the buttock compress the sciatic nerve which sends shooting pains down the leg and is then misdiagnosed as a slipped disc or an impingement in the lumbar vertebrae, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms which can be caused by trigger points in the extensor muscles in the forearm.

What should I expect in the treatment?
I will listen to your description of where and how your pain hurts, and will then search the likely muscles for trigger points. When a trigger point is found it will be lightly squeezed until it releases. Then the muscle will be soothed, warmed and stretched.

Will it hurt?
No. I have found that applying a lighter pressure for longer is more effective and long lasting.

How many treatments will I need?
The first treatment will determine if trigger points are playing a major part in your pain. If they are, one or two further treatments are usually enough to switch off the active trigger points and to show you where they are and how to switch them off yourself if they should return.
I will also give you advice on stretches and posture to lessen the chances of return.

I give a firm slow massage that gets deep into the tissues. Deep slow pressure allows the deeper muscles to relax and the mind to focus on letting go of tension.

Hot stones are used as “heat batteries” to warm and relax large tense muscles which can then be worked on more effectively. I use the stones in conjunction with traditional hand massage strokes to seek out and relieve tension, and then to keep the relaxed muscles warm while working on other parts of the body.

I can work on the whole body for general relaxation or concentrate on specific parts of the body that are particularly stressed, head neck and shoulders, back and shoulders, lower back and buttocks, arms and legs (clothed or unclothed).


  • chronic muscle pain
  • stress
  • discomfort


I will give you advice, instruction and guidance on self help treatments.
Once you know where they are, Trigger Points can be effectively treated at home by a variety of simple tools to reach difficult parts of the body (e.g a tennis ball in a sock).

Diet, posture and unhappiness can play a significant role in causing Trigger Points to return.

A few simple quick stretches everyday help to keep muscles supple and relaxed.

Understanding how your pain is caused is very important in turning it off. I will show you which muscles are tightening and how to reassure your brain that this drastic, painful, protective spasm reflex measure is unnecessary.

I use the 3d images from to show you which muscles need to be treated and how to find them.

I will help and support you to treat your own aches and pains and live a pain free life.

I combine my massage practice with lecturing in Fine Art and Graphic Design at University College Falmouth. I hold a Masters in Critical Theory. I have also spent many years working as a craftsman on farms, boats, furniture and house building, the manual work leaving me with particularly strong, sensitive hands. I am also an artist, writer and performer.

Training, qualifications & experience

ITEC diploma in Holistic Massage 2011

Therapies offered


£25 a half hour
£40 an hour
£50 90 mins home arrangement

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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