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About me

As I attended lots of Psychic courses my direction was always towards helping and healing. Although I didn't quite know how at the time. After having my first Reiki session, The Reiki practitioner asked if I had thought about doing what she was doing as she not only gave me Reiki but also received Reiki from me. Over the years I continued receiving Reiki sessions....Always with this in the back of my mind. As blocks removed and with the help of my angels and spirit guides I started my path to Reiki.

Now a qualified Reiki Master in the Usui system of natural healing. With a lineage report tracing back to Mikao Usui through 4 Reiki masters. Suzuki San, Chris Marsh, Frans Stiene and my Reiki teaching master Judith Davies.

Reiki sessions are available seated or lying on the Reiki table.

I work from home,however if you wish me to come to you due to confidence problems or illness this can be arranged at the time of booking.

Half hour - this is ideal if you are wanting to try Reiki for the first time or as a booster session.This is priced at £25

Full Hour Reiki - A more in depth relaxing session.Consisting of half an hour lying on your back and half an hour lying on your front.This is priced at £40

All sessions include the use of therapeutic music,candles and a discussion afterwards about anything which was discovered during your Reiki session.

Distance Reiki - Ideal for those who can not get to Mandy's Reiki or prefer a less direct approach.This option is carried out over the phone and is priced at £30

Space Cleansing - Spiritual cleansing of your home or work place.Removing lower vibrations & stagnant energy...allowing more positive energy in your life...price - to be discussed at time of booking.


Our bodies operate through "Ki" Energy.It is this life force which keeps us healthy.The energy centre running throughout the body contains a Chakra system.Each Chakra relates to the part of body,mind,soul and spirit.Should there become a block or any stagnant energy within the Chakra system this will over time cause aches and pains within the body.Also affecting the aura and mind.Causing lack of interest....lack of concentration.....depression.....a feeling of being lost or misunderstood.Without treatment this can cause undue stress and strain to the body,mind,soul and spirit.

Reiki is administered through the practitioners hands into the clients aura and body.As it works through the body the energy works on clearing any blocks/stagnant energy within the Chakra's. These in turn run through a series of meridian paths throughout the body.The practitioner usually starts at the head"Crown" area working down the body.As the session continues more time may be spent at a certain part of the body,as the practitioner will pick up on any dull flow of energy.Sometimes area's of the body may be revisited to ensure the block is clear or clearing.A Reiki session will kick start any healing needed at that time in their life for the client.

Every Reiki experience is unique,as it works for whatever the client needs.

If you are interested in trying Reiki be sure you are Open to the energy,otherwise you may be fighting the very essence which could help you.

There are many,many benefits from having a Reiki Treatment. It helps to relieve stress,release anger and resentment from the body. Bringing your body back into line. As the negativity is being removed, this makes room for the more positive energies to run through your body.
Helps to clear the mind and restore healthy thinking.

Reiki helps with :-

Emotional pain
Psychological pain
Life choices
Family life
Work life
Past trauma
Aches & pains
Sleep deprivation
Positive thinking
Spiritual development

Please message me if you would like to book in or discuss the process further.


Mandy's Reiki is a Full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapy ( I.I.C.T. ) -

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If you would like to book a reiki treatment or have any more questions please inbox me or fill in the form on my website or advertising pages listed above.

Training, qualifications & experience

Reiki level 1 Shoden
Reiki level 2 Okuden
Reiki level 3 Shinpiden
Mastery of Mediumship
Psychic Development

Manual Handling
Medication Administration
Fire Safety

Challenging Behaviour
Risk Assessment
Care Worker / Support Worker - Care Certificate
Personal Assistant - Service Users
Safeguarding Adults Under The Care Act 2014

Emergency First Aid at Work (2015-2018)

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half hour reiki treatment sessions               £25

Full hour reiki treatment sessions               £40

Distance reiki treatment sessions                 £30

Pendulum Chakra balancing                       £10

Angel Card Readings                                   £10

Space Cleansing - To be discussed at time of booking

Further information

Mandys World & Mandy's Reiki

Mandy's Reiki focuses on Reiki Treatments for healing purposes

- Half hour sessions

- Full hour sessions

- Distance sessions

-Space Cleansing

-Pendulum Chakra Balancing

In addition to these services the following are available for guidance purposes

-Angel Card Readings

Mandys World is the Spiritual Development side which helps give guidance on Spiritual Development and Self Learning Techniques.My Services are available if you are looking for help with

-Spiritual Development

-Self Help Techniques

As I am a Spritual Writer for Mandys World on Facebook

I am also available for anyone who is looking for help for websites/blogs/books/forums/magazines

-Spiritual Writer

Please message me if you are looking for help.


Reiki Master/Spiritual Writer
Reiki sessions/Card Readings/Spiritual Development

Mandy Turner

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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