Louise Page Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner

Louise Page Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner


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01296 696285 / 07742 185 819

About me

Metatronic Healing®, Mindfulness & the Healing modality of Anusha each bring different benefits towards healing and wholeness and are aimed at helping you :-

  • To heal and empower yourself:
  • To clear old patterns and stories, to live in the present and release the past
  • Gain clarity about your direction in life
  • Energetically heal or spiritually and emotionally find support because you are sensitive, intuitive or psychic
  • Be able to "hold your Light" in any situation
  • Develop your spiritual gifts and abilities
  • Connect to Ascended Masters and Archangelic beings for energetic support and insight
  • To become conscious of your wounding and to work through it to create a shift in consciousness
  • Develop self-healing abilities
  • To develop present moment awareness, acceptance, non-judgement and self-compassion

Metatronic Healing® is the angelic approach to awakening and healing - A New approach to healing in new times. Things on earth are speeding up now, and more and more opportunities are available for us to practice living each moment from a place of truth and centering.

Metatronic Healing evolved to assist us in getting to that place of centredness and Truth, Energetically lifting and clearing deep wounds, limited beliefs and stories held in our cells which have been keeping us stuck.

Mindfulness Practise helps us be present with whatever is, helping us to love what we have and cultivate an attitude that supports our health and wellbeing. We are human "Be-ings" after all. Theses therapies, groups and training support our coming into wholeness so we can Be our fullest, truest selves.

Anusha Healing is also new healing modality for changing times, it channels the sparkling brilliance and energy of the stars and supports deep healing. Training is available to all levels.

Reiki Healing is a gentle yet powerful form of natural healing energy activated by intention and which leads to relaxation. Reiki is a complementary therapy and works alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies, expanding treatment options.

The Japanese word Reiki means “Universal Life force energy”. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy, which flows through all living things and is vital to well-being. This energy is known as “Ki” in Japan, Chi” in China and “prana” in India. Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Yoga are also based on the free flow of this energy in a person.

We each have this energy or life force, which affects our health and well- being. When this is out of balance due to stress, emotional problems or life events, Reiki works holistically to restore balance.

Reiki Training offered

- Level One
- Level Two
- Master Practitioner Programme/
-Teacher Training available by request

Karuna Reiki® is being sent by all the enlightened beings and opens you to work more consciously with these enlightened beings. This includes those enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit, in particular those focused on alleviating the suffering of humanity; i.e. Kwan Yin, Avalokiteshvara, Mother Mary, Jesus, Tara

Karuna Reiki Healing Training

- Level 1 & 2 Combined
- Master Practitioner/Teacher

This is a certificated course and you will be registered to practise Karuna Reiki® through the International Centre for Reiki Training.

Pre requisite is Usui Master Practitioner Level or Master Teacher Level.

Mindfulness Courses

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

What is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is non-judgmental, open-hearted, friendly, and inviting of whatever arises in awareness. It is cultivated by paying attention on purpose, deeply, and without judgment to whatever arises in the present moment, either inside or outside of us. By intentionally practicing mindfulness, deliberately paying more careful moment-to-moment attention, individuals can live more fully and less on ‘automatic pilot,’ thus, being more present for their own lives.”

Next course Starts Tuesday 19th April for 8 consecutive weeks

Week 1 April 19th Week 2 April 26 Week 3 May 3rd Week 4 May 10th Week 5 May 17th Week 6 May 24th Week 7 May 31st Week 8 June 7th

Includes a Retreat Day on Saturday May 7th 10-3.30pm

9.30-12 Noon


“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness.

Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”?

Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Mindfulness course is held over 8 days for 2 hours & 30 minutes each session.

This 8 week course is an opportunity to cultivate meditation practise to help you fully live your life, easing the stress in daily living. It will assist you in being present, purposefully bringing awareness and attention to your moments in a way that is kind and loving to yourself. It will help you to rest in awareness paying attention and non- judging the present moment. It is about "being " rather than "doing" and helping you find balance.

The course will include exploration of the different facets of mindfulness mediation including mindful movement and mindful eating. It is provided for anyone who would like to manage stress/ pain and change poor habits for healthier ones. Over the period of the course you will be given home practise which includes keeping a journal and practising the techniques you learn during the course. There is plenty of time allocated for discussion and each week will do a Mindfulness walk outside in my garden (weather permitting) so please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

This is for anyone wishing to develop a lifestyle, a way of being that embraces whatever your state of mind is in any moment, bringing awareness and accepting what is.

Cost £250 Full payment to be made in advance of start of course includes

Retreat day on May 7th.

Louise's work is grounded in Metaphysical wisdom and understanding & has the underpinning of training to all levels in powerful healing modalities none more so than Metatronic Healing.

Training, qualifications & experience

Louise's Qualifications

  • Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR)
  • Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
  • Anusha Master Teacher
  • Metaphysical Counsellor and Practitioner
  • Authorised Teacher of Module A Foundation Course in Metaphysics
  • Metaphysical Facilitator of Introductory course in self awareness
  • Reiki Drum Practitioner
  • BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners)
  • Advanced Practitioner member of the Metatronic Healing Association

Origionally trained in but not longer practicing

Professionally Qualified Aromatherapist
Infant and Child Massage Instructor

Degree Qualification

BA (Hons) Community Studies with Specilaism in Youth
Professionally qualified Youth and Community Worker

Member organisations

The UK Reiki Federation

Therapies offered

Other available therapies

Mindfulness Courses
Energy Healing Treatments, Training & group Healing

Photos & videos

  • Metatronic Healing Groups
  • Metatronic Healing Groups
  • Metatronic Healing
  • Metatronic Healing
  • Metatronic Healing's founder Pippa Merivale


Healing sessions one to one

1 Hour 30 Minutes £60
1 Hour £45

Groups £10 per person 2 Hour sessions

8 Week Mindfulness Courses £250 include Retreat Day

Healing Workshops £55

Reiki Levels One & Two Training £230 includes follow up session 6-8 weeks after initial training

Anusha Healing Training £75 Level One & Two 1 Day Workshops

Further information

Our services

Louise provides holistic services that focus on supporting you live peacefully as a spiritual human being. In order to feel fully alive and whole on a human level we need to be in touch with our essential natures-our mystical/ metaphysical or spiritual selves. "Being Mystical" is about finding the meaning in our life through spiritual awareness.

We are Human Be-ings rather than doing! -Helping you to feel whole and alive to your full potential.

Louise Offers guidance and understanding through training, workshops and healing about the sometimes hidden meaning in our life events and stories. Helping us connect with our spiritual selves means looking beyond our material/physical experience to a different reality that is our true nature, our spiritual selves, perceiving a different reality for ourselves.

Why Metatronic Healing?

To heal means to become whole again, to regain our scattered parts, that means that we can live, instead of getting by. The reason why we are here is to grow and to transcend our conditions of fear and lack and to find our way back to love.

These are the words of Pippa Merivale Founder of Metatronic Healing. Her words encompass what Being Mystical is about and what it is offering you, a chance for: -

  • Better health & vitality
  • Greater self awareness
  • A deeper sense of purpose & fulfilment
  • Personal transformation

We are being given practical, dynamic help from realms way beyond our previous dreams through this Angelic being, through Metatron.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about paying attention on purpose, deeply without judgement to whatever arises in the present moment either inside or outside of us. By intentionally practising Mindfulness individuals can live more fully and less on "automatic pilot, thus being more present in our own lives". John Kabat Zinn Founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Why Healing?

"By living in alignment with spiritual principles — we learn, grow, and discover who you really are. The results will go be beyond your wildest dreams. Truly, it is the only path to lasting fulfilment and it is the most exciting, rewarding journey you can take in life. The benefits are real, powerful, and lasting".  Dr Stuart Bitkoff


  • Through Individual Healing/Guidance Sessions-Reiki, Anusha, Metatron & Metaphysics- Group Healing Meditation bringing in Archangelic energies of Metatron
  • Healing Training; - Anusha, Usui & Karuna Reiki connecting with Ascended Masters
  • Workshops on specific area i.e. Finding the spiritual meaning of relationship, or in things that go wrong
  • Mystical Wisdom Workshops
  • Drum Healing/Sacred Dance events

"Recognize the Divine plan in everything around you. These small steps gradually change your state of consciousness and lead to the full awakening. It will not appear as a huge blast of energy that blows you into a new world without any effort on your part. One is not “saved” simply by declaring it so.

You create the new world with every thought, word, and action lived in truth and understanding of whom and what is real. This is the spiritual journey. Yes, things on earth are speeding up now, and more and more opportunities are available for you to practice living each moment from a place of truth and centring, and that is how it is done”. The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaelle

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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Week days & Evening Groups, Occassional Saturday Morning Appointments and evening Workshops

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