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Liam Modlin EFT Practitioner

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Balham Park Road

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As an experienced EFT practitioner, psychodynamic counsellor in training and NHS mental health professional, I invite you to transform your life and change your destiny; if by strengthening your immune system and physiological responses to stress and negative emotions or by nurturing emotional intelligence, self-compassion, and clarity to live the healthy and joyful life you deserve.

"I can say with absolute conviction that Liam is a true gentleman; a caring and considerate healer and therapist. He is full of positive energy, empathy and understanding.” Will, 36.

"EFT allowed me to embrace, understand and process what I was going through, and empowered me to break the negative cycle." Susan, 33.

I have trained and dedicated myself to working with people in order to facilitate a profound process of forgiveness and reconciliation, to support a dynamic path towards acceptance and transformation and to see through an inspiring journey of healing and inner growth.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information.


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Face-to-face EFT sessions are available in South-West London; Wandsworth, Clapham and Balham (SW12) at the cost of £65 per hour. The duration of the initial consultation and session is 90 minutes. EFT sessions are also available via Skype at the cost of £45 per hour.?

Group EFT and Integrative Art workshops take place on a regular basis in London throughout the year.?I normally see my clients for Individual EFT sessions once a week for 60 minutes. I am however flexible and accommodate my clients’ needs; depending on your schedule and financial circumstances we may want to meet more or less frequently than this.

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Shannon, 28:

"Every new experience is a bit scary and unknown, but deeply within us and waited. When I finally decided to join Liam's session, I did not expect anything, just wanted to try something new and something much needed. He has an amazing ability to surround you with very calm and subtle atmosphere. Through the session he was very attentive and with you (leaving you much needed space for breathing and crying). Room was filled with only my anxiety and sorrow and his calmness and miraculous power. And in the end it was only good air around me. He does do you good if you let yourself to be open to be healed with words and human touch, without building walls and hiding away. I am very grateful for his kindness and help and being here..."

Susan, 33:

"It’s funny how you know something isn’t quite clicking but you can’t put your finger on it. Caught in a cycle of similar emotions, trapped in a sadness you can’t quite shake, or just not really understanding why you are feeling the way you are, or reacting the way you have been. Sound familiar? Liam gave me a safe place to ’tap’ into emotions that I wasn’t even aware I was holding on to (pun intended). Allowing me to embrace, understand and process what I was going through, and empowering me to break the negative cycle. We all hurt, but what matters is how we process hurt and pain and how much strength we get from it. Working with Liam empowered me with a better understanding of myself, of my emotions, of my strength and best of all, of the joy and happiness that is all around me, that I was somewhat blind to in the past. It can be a truly moving experience. If any of this sounds familiar to you, I recommend speaking to Liam."

Adam, 41:

"I recently attended a session of EFT with Liam, it was really interesting, insightful and helpful. I was quite heavy hearted when I arrived and felt so much lighter when I left. I don’t know how to describe it but I felt like someone had reset me back to my factory settings, deleting some programs and problems so I could start again. I left refreshed and happy."

Krista, 27:

"I used to be very sceptical of 'complementary' therapy techniques and really struggled to allow myself to be helped, even though I was recognising that my behavioural patterns were becoming self-destructive and causing me a lot of pain, I could not make the first step towards healing.When I did my first tapping session with Liam I did not know what to expect and had very little hope that what I considered a mere example of the power of suggestion could really to do for me. To my great surprise, the result was extraordinary and produced a profound transformation in my state of mind, one that lasts to this day.Liam helped me to understand the very nature of my issues with such sensitivity and care. It was as if the answer was always there, but hidden, and with the help of tapping and the comforting support of Liam's words I could bring that answer to the surface and find the capacity to let go of innumerable conditionings and fears that were damaging me and my relationships."

Danny, 52:

"I’d been carrying the weight and negative energy of Grief for some time before I tried Tapping therapy with Liam, during sessions some of the deep rooted causes of the weight and negativity were addressed allowing me to rewrite the script and change the dialogue in my head whilst at the same time negating the physical anxiety and energy associated with these memories, episodes and life changing events.

After sessions the weight felt lighter and coping easier, I was at one of the darkest places I’ve ever been to and it really helped me feel the light, which being rather sceptical I didn’t think it would. It came to me when I needed it but wasn’t even aware of it, I am grateful for that and also for how it helped me along the road of recovery and have been recommending it to people struggling and for whom I think it would also help."

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If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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